On becoming an Indian Muslim : French essays on aspects of syncretism


    • Waseem, M.


On becoming an Indian Muslim : French essays on aspects of syncretism

translated and edited by M. Waseem

Oxford University Press, 2003

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Translated from the French

Includes passages in Persian (Persian in Roman)

Includes bibliographical references



This selection of fifteen essays by modern French intellectuals in translation is a sequel to Garcin de Tassy's Muslim Festivals in India (first published in the 1830s) and translated by M. Waseem (OUP, 1995). The focus of this collection is religious syncretism: how at the popular level, when Islam first came to India, may un-Islamic elements derived from Hinduism (some even at variance with Islam's normative and canonical aspects) came to be accepted as part of the practice of Islam on the subcontinent. Relying on literary and other texts as well as field studies, well-known French scholars -such as Louis Massignon, Jules Bloch, Jean Filliozat, Charlotte Vaudeville, Francoise Mallison, Denis Matringe, Marc Gaborieau, and Dominique-Sila Khan among others - trace the various ways in which Islam found popular support at the grass-roots level in India. The essays focus on the significant contributions of the Indian mystic Kabir, Sufism, Dara Shikoh, Jayasi, Pir Shams, Waris Shah, Ghazi Miyan, 'Ramdeo' Pir, the Bhartrhari Jogis of Gorakhpur and Mahatama Gandhi. The concluding essay is by the translator himself and focuses on the followers of the Agha Khan, otherwise known as the Ismaili Khojas. M. Waseem's translation of all the essays is clear and precise, and his substantive Introduction outlines the gradual amalgamation of different religious elements during the spread of Islam as described by these French intellectuals.


  • Louis Massignon, Hinduism and Islamic Mysticism
  • Yusuf Husain, HAUD AL HAYAT - The Arabic Version of Amratkund
  • Jules Bloch, Medieval Indian Mystics - Kabir
  • Louis Massignon, An Experiment in Hindu Muslim Unity - Dara Shikoh
  • Cl. Huart and L. Massignon, Dara Shikoh's Intervie with Baba La'l Das at Lahore
  • Jean Filliozat, Dara Shikoh's Samundrasangam
  • Louis Massignon, The Spiritual Significance of Gandhi's Last Pilgrimmage
  • Charlotte Vaudeville, The Concept of Divine Love in Jayasi - Virah and Ishq
  • Francoise Mallison, Pir Shams and his garabi song
  • Denis Matringe, Waris Shah
  • Marc Gaborieau, The Ghazi Miyan Cult in Western Nepal and Northern India
  • Dominique-Sila Khan, The Isma'ili Origin of the Hindu Cult of "Ramdeo" Pir
  • Catherine Champion, The Muslim Bhartrhari Jogis of Gorakhpur
  • Marc Gaborieau, Towards a Sociology of Indian Muslims
  • M. Waseem, Conclusion - A Note on the Isma'ili Khojas.

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