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    • Turner, Adam Newman



Lee Jerome, Adam Newman Turner

Nelson Thornes, 2001-

  • Teacher starter file
  • Resource support pack

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Auther of Resource support pack: Lee Jerome

"Institute for citizenship"--T.p.



Teacher starter file ISBN 9780748760220


This is a single resource that provides departmental and whole school strategies for delivering and answering citizenship. It includes background material to the subject and suggests ways of teaching citizenship effectively. It is revised each year to ensure it is fully current with curriculum developments.


  • Part 1 Teaching citizenship: why teach citizenship education?
  • what problem was identified?
  • the Crick Report's solutions to this problem
  • the National Curriculum for Citizenship
  • what are the strengths and weaknesses of the National Curriculum model of citizenship education?
  • teaching about and for citizenship
  • useful links with other initiatives. Part 2 Getting started in your school: why is auditing important?
  • audit materials
  • INSET - how can you inform others in the school?
  • writing a policy. Part 3 Approaches to delivering the National Curriculum: crosscurriculum
  • citizenship lessons
  • integrated into PSHE
  • special events
  • citizenship through activities
  • skills of enquiry and communication
  • skills of participation and responsible action. Part 4 How can progress be assessed and reported on?: why assess?
  • what are we assessing?
  • knowledge and understanding
  • skills of communication and enquiry
  • skills of participation and responsible action
  • building assessment into group work
  • self-assessment
  • peer assessment. Part 5 How can we make citizenship education inclusive?: starting with students' experience
  • citizenship education and anti-racism
  • addressing the needs of all learners

Resource support pack ISBN 9780748760237


Written by the Institute for Citizenship, this course has been widely researched and tested nationwide to ensure that all areas of concern are covered. It features a unique, flexible scheme combining whole-school planning notes, lesson notes, CD-ROM, textbooks and an online programme of material delivery. It assumes no prior knowledge of the subject.


  • Developing and assessing skills
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Diversity
  • Government finance and services
  • Democracy
  • Community and voluntary organisations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Media
  • The global community
  • Planning and carrying out investigations

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