Metal and semiconductor nanowires


    • Wang, Zhong Lin


Metal and semiconductor nanowires

edited by Zhong Lin Wang

(Nanowires and nanobelts : materials, properties, and devices / edited by Zhong Lin Wang, 1)

Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 459-462)



Nanowires, nanobelts, nanoribbons and nanorods are a new class of quasi-one-dimensional materials that have been attracting a great research interest. These non-carbon based materials have been demonstrated to exhibit superior electrical, optical, mechanical and thermal properties, and can be used as fundamental building blocks for nano-scale science and technology, ranging from chemical and biological sensors, field effect transistors to logic circuits. This two volume reference, provides a comprehensive introduction to the field and reviews the current state of the research. Volume one covers a wide range of materials systems, from noble metals (such as Au, Ag, Cu), single element semiconductors (such as Si and Ge), compound semiconductors (such as InP, CdS and GaAs as well as heterostructures), nitrides (such as GaN and Si3N4) to carbides (such as SiC). The objective of this volume is to cover the synthesis, properties and device applications of nanowires based on metal and semiconductor materials. The volume starts with a review on novel electronic and optical nanodevices, nanosensors and logic circuits that have been built using individual nanowires as building blocks. Then, the theoretical background for electrical properties and mechanical properties of nanowires is given. The molecular nanowires, their quantized conductance, and metallic nanowires synthesized by chemical technique will be introduced next. Finally, the volume covers the synthesis and properties of semiconductor and nitrides nanowires. Volume two covers a wide range of materials systems, from functional oxides (such as ZnO, SnO2, and In2O3), structural ceramics (such as MgO, SiO2 and Al2O3), composite materials (such as Si-Ge, SiC- SiO2), to polymers. This volume focuses on the synthesis, properties and applications of nanowires and nanobelts based on functional materials. Novel devices and applications made from functional oxide nanowires and nanobelts are presented first, showing their unique properties and applications. The majority of the text is devoted to the synthesis and properties of nanowires and nanobelts of functional oxides. Finally, sulphide nanowires, composite nanowires and polymer nanowires will be covered.


1. Nanowires as Building Blocks for Nanoscale Science and Technology.- 2. Epitaxial Quantum Wires: Growth, Properties and Applications.- 3. Theoretical Study of Nanowires.- 4. Modeling and Simulation of the Mechanical Response of Nanowires.- 5. Molecular and Ionic Adsorption onto Atomic-Scale Metal Wires.- 6. Structural Study of Metal Nanowires.- 7. Metal Nanowires Synthesized by Solution-Phase Methods.- 8. Chemical and Biomolecular Interactions in the Assembly of Nanowires.- 9. Group III- and Group IV-Nitride Nanorods and Nanowires.- 10. Template Assisted Synthesis of Semiconductor Nanowires.- 11. Wide Band-Gap Semiconductor Nanowires Synthesized by Vapor Phase Growth.- 12. Semiconducting Oxide and Nitride Nanowires.- 13. Silicon-Based Nanowires.

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