Competition, monopoly and corporate governance : essays in honour of Keith Cowling


Competition, monopoly and corporate governance : essays in honour of Keith Cowling

edited by Michael Waterson

E. Elgar, c2003

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • Coordination and hierarchy in the Japanese firm : the strategic decision-making approach vs. Aoki / Dan Coffey and Philip R. Tomlinson
  • Multinationals and labour : evidence from the international acquisition of UK firms / Martin J. Conyon, Sourafel Girma, Steve Thompson and Peter W. Wright
  • Financial constraints on innovation : a European cross-country study / Alessandra Canepa and Paul Stoneman
  • Internationalism and economic development : transnational corporations, small firm networking and universities / Roger Sugden
  • `Price–cost margins and market structure' revisited / Michael Waterson
  • Labour supply, efficient bargains and countervailing power / Robin A. Naylor
  • Market share instability and the competitive process / John Cable and Claire Morris
  • Oligopoly and rent-seeking : Cowling and Mueller revisited / Tim Hazledine
  • The finance literature on mergers : a critical survey / Dennis C. Mueller
  • Incentives to corporate governance activism / Dennis Leech
  • Perspectives on the governance of executive compensation / Martin J. Conyon
  • Advertising and the evolution of market structure in the US car industry / Paul A. Geroski and M. Mazzucato
  • Keith Cowling and Warwick : the contribution to the university / Michael Shattock
  • Keith Cowling's academic publications



Competition, Monopoly and Corporate Governance covers three broad themes, each associated with a particular strand of Keith Cowling's own writings in industrial economics and each represented by four specially commissioned papers.Providing a critical perspective on many current issues in industrial economics the themes are as follows: internationalisation, trans-nationalism and technical change; monopoly, oligopoly and social welfare; and corporate governance, mergers and the evolution of industrial structure. These chapters provide a challenge to much of the prevailing orthodoxy. There is also an appreciation of Keith Cowling's long association with the University of Warwick, spanning more than 30 years. A distinguished series of authors have contributed to the book, including several of Europe's best-known industrial economists. Academics, economists and political scientists in the area of industrial economics will find this volume invaluable.


Contents: Introduction Part I: Internationalisation, Trans-nationalism and Technical Change 1. Coordination and Hierarchy in the Japanese Firm: The Strategic Decision-making Approach vs. Aoki 2. Multinationals and Labour: Evidence from the International Acquisition of UK Firms 3. Financial Constraints on Innovation: A European Cross-Country Study 4. Internationalism and Economic Development: Transnational Corporations, Small Firm Networking and Universities Part II: Monopoly, Oligopoly and Social Welfare 5. 'Price-Cost Margins and Market Structure' Revisited 6. Labour Supply, Efficient Bargains and Countervailing Power 7. Market Share Instability and the Competitive Process 8. Oligopoly and Rent-seeking: Cowling and Mueller Revisited Part III: Corporate Governance, Mergers and the Evolution of Industrial Structure 9. The Finance Literature on Mergers: A Critical Survey 10. Incentives to Corporate Governance Activism 11. Perspectives on the Governance of Executive Compensation 12. Advertising and the Evolution of Market Structure in the US Car Industry 13. Keith Cowling and Warwick: The Contribution to the University 14. Keith Cowling's Academic Publications Index

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