Transforming local governance : from Thatcherism to New Labour


Transforming local governance : from Thatcherism to New Labour

Gerry Stoker

(Government beyond the centre)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2004

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Bibliography: p. 229-240

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Drawing on the author's unrivalled experience and expertise in both research and policy-making, this important new book provides a systematic assessment of the changing nature of local governance in Britain and a conceptual framework for understanding the new governance of localities. The author analyzes in detail what New Labour has been trying to do to local governance and management and assesses how and why it has achieved only a mixed record of change. The book concludes by providing a vision of good local governance and an assessment of future challenges for research and reform.


Introduction.- The Emerging System of Local Governance.- The Legacy of the Conservatives: Governance by Default.- New Labour: Embracing Local Governance?.- Understanding New Labour's Reform Strategy.- Improving Service Delivery Under New Labour.- Democratic Renewal: Getting People to Participate.- Promoting Local Political Leadership.- Partnership and Joining-Up in Ear of Multi-Level Governance.- Local Finance: Coming to Terms with Governance?.- The Challenge of Governance.- New Labour and Local Governance: Unfinished Business.

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