Genetics and biotechnology


Genetics and biotechnology

volume editor, U. Kück

(The Mycota : a comprehensive treatise on fungi as experimental systems for basic and applied research / edited by K. Esser and P.A. Lemke, 2)

Springer-Verlag, c2004

2nd ed

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Since publication of the first edition of Volume II in 1995, several developments in fungal molecular biology - such as fungal genome projects - have progressed tremendously. This in turn has affected fundamental genetics as well as biotechnology. To accommodate these developments, the second edition has been completely updated and all chapters have been revised. In addition, the volume contains five new chapters dealing with different aspects of fungal molecular genetics. Topics include: Nuclear and extranuclear genetics; functional genomics; biotechnical genetics; yeasts and filamentous fungi.


Nuclear and Extranuclear Genetics 1 Genetics of Neurospora R.H. Davis 2 Genetics of Aspergillus K. Swart and A.J.M. Debets 3 Genetics of Coprinus L.A. Casselton and M. Riquelme 4 Electrophoretic Karyotyping M. Walz 5 The Mitochondrial Genetics of the Budding Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae K. Wolf and B. Schafer 6 Mitochondrial Genetics of Neurospora J.C. Kennell, R.A. Collins, A.J.F. Griffiths, and F.E. Nargang Molecular Genetics 7 Functional Genomics in Fungi M. Nowrousian, J.C. Dunlap, and M.A. Nelson 8 Gene Regulation in Yeast B. Prinz and C. Lang 9 Gene Regulation in Mycelial Fungi V. Meyer and U. Stahl 10 Mobile Genetic Elements in Mycelial Fungi S. Poeggeler and F. Kempken 11 Linear DNA Plasmids and Killer System of Kluyveromyces lactis N. Gunge and M. Tokunaga 12 RNA Viruses and Killer Genetics of Saccharomyces R.B. Wickner, N.A. Gardner, H. Bussey, T. Fujimura, and R. Esteban 13 Molecular Biology of Fungal Amino Acid Biosynthesis Regulation G. H. Braus, R. Pries, K. Duvel, and O. Valerius Biotechnology 14 A Platform for Heterologous Gene Expression Based on the Methylotrophic Yeast Hansenula polymorpha L. Guengerich, H.A. Kang, B. Behle, G. Gellissen, and M. Suckow 15 Filamentous Fungi as Expression Systems for Heterologous Proteins D.A. MacKenzie, D.J. Jeenes, and D.B. Archer 16 Biotechnical Genetics of Antibiotic Biosynthesis A.A. Brakhage and M.L. Caruso 17 Wood Degradation by Brown Rot and White Rot Fungi T. Mester, E. Varela, and M. Tien 18 Molecular Biology of Cellulolytic Fungi K.M.H. Nevalainen and M.E. Penttila 19 Lipids in Fungal Biotechnology M. Sancholle, D.M. Loesel, and F. Laruelle

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