When science & Christianity meet


When science & Christianity meet

edited by David C. Lindberg and Ronald L. Numbers

University of Chicago Press, 2003


When science and Christianity meet

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • The medieval church encounters the classical tradition : Saint Augustine, Roger Bacon, and the handmaiden metaphor / David C. Lindberg
  • Galileo, the Church, and the cosmos / David C. Lindberg
  • Christianity and the mechanistic universe / William B. Ashworth Jr
  • Matter, force, and the Christian worldview in the Enlightenment / Thomas H. Broman
  • Noah's Flood, the Ark, and the shaping of early modern natural history / Janet Browne
  • Genesis and geology revisited : the order of nature and the nature of order in nineteenth-century Britain / Mott T. Greene
  • Men before Adam! : American debates over the unity and antiquity of humanity / G. Blair Nelson
  • Re-placing Darwinism and Christianity / David N. Livingston
  • Science, miracles, and the prayer-gauge debate / Robert Bruce Mullin
  • Psychoanalysis and American Christianity, 1900-1945 / Jon H. Roberts
  • The scopes trial in history and legend / Edward J. Larson
  • Science without God : natural laws and Christian beliefs / Ronald L. Numbers



This book, in language accessible to the general reader, investigates twelve of the most notorious, most interesting, and most instructive episodes involving the interaction between science and Christianity, aiming to tell each story in its historical specificity and local particularity.Among the events treated in "When Science and Christianity Meet" are the Galileo affair, the seventeenth-century clockwork universe, Noah's ark and the biblical flood in the development of natural history, struggles over Darwinian evolution, debates about the origin of the human species, and the Scopes trial. Readers will be introduced to St. Augustine, Roger Bacon, Pope Urban VIII, Isaac Newton, Pierre-Simon de Laplace, Carl Linnaeus, Charles Darwin, T. H. Huxley, Sigmund Freud, and many other participants in the historical drama of science and Christianity.

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