Higher education across the circumpolar north : a circle of learning



Higher education across the circumpolar north : a circle of learning

edited by Douglas C. Nord and Geoffrey R. Weller

Palgrave Macmillan, 2002

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This is the first book to analyze the role of the new circumpolar universities in northern development. Since 1960, over twenty new universities have been built in the northern regions of Canada, Russia, the United States, the Nordic countries and Japan. This book analyzes and compares the reasons for their establishment, the impact they have had in providing greater access to advanced education, and the effect they have had on economic, social, cultural and political development of these various northern regions.


  • Introduction
  • G.R.Weller Universities in Northern Finland
  • E.Riepula Universities in Northern Sweden
  • K.Lundmark The University of Tromso, Norway
  • P.Arbo & N.Fulsas The Role of the University of Akureyri, Iceland, in Northern Development
  • I.R.Edvardsson & T.Gunnarsson Greenland and the University
  • P.Langgard Universities in Northern Canada
  • G.R.Weller The Role of the University of Alaska in Northern Development
  • D.M.Hitchins Universities in the European North of Russia
  • V.Vasiliev & N.Toivonen Universities in Northern Japan
  • S.Aramata Conclusions: The Role of Universities in Northern Development: A Comparative Perspective
  • D.C.Nord Bibliography

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