Modern German grammar workbook


    • Zojer, Heidi


Modern German grammar workbook

Heidi Zojer ... [et al.]

(Routledge modern grammars)

Routledge, 2003

2nd ed.

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Modern German Grammar Workbook, Second Edition, is an innovative book of exercises and language tasks for all learners of German. The book is divided into two sections and is accompanied with a website ( with supplementary exercises. * Section 1 provides exercises based on essential grammatical structures * Section 2 practises everyday functions (e.g. making introductions, apologising, expressing needs) * Section 3 contains realistic role-plays in short scenes, set in a range of different contexts. A comprehensive answer key at the back of the book enables you to check on your progress. Implementing feedback from users of the first edition, this second edition now features: * Graded exercises: Level 1 for beginners; Level 2 for more advanced students * More extensive cross-referencing to the related Modern German Grammar, Second Edition. Modern German Grammar Workbook, Second Edition, is ideal for all learners who have a basic knowledge of German, including students at schools, in adult education and within higher education. It can be used independently or alongside the second edition of the Modern German Grammar.

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