The portable financial analyst : what practitioners need to know


The portable financial analyst : what practitioners need to know

Mark P. Kritzman

(Wiley finance series)

J. Wiley, c2003

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Financial professionals are faced with increasingly technical topics that are theoretically complicated but practically necessary in determining the trade-off between risk and return. The Portable Financial Analyst, Second Edition is a unique collection of essays that address the heart of every analyst's and investor's dilemma: how to make decisions in the face of unknown forces and how to assert some control over the outcome


Foreword: Time and Magic: What This Book Is About. Preface. Chapter 1. The Noble Prize. Chapter 2. Uncertainty. Chapter 3. Utility. Chapter 4. Lognormality. Chapter 5. Return and Risk. Chapter 6. Higher Moments. Chapter 7. Duration and Convexity. Chapter 8. The Term Structure of Interest Rates. Chapter 9. Serial Dependence. Chapter 10. Time Diversification. Chapter 11. Regressions. Chapter 12. Factor Methods. Chapter 13. Estimating Volatility: Part I. Chapter 14. Estimating Volatility: Part II. Chapter 15. Hypothesis Testing. Chapter 16. Future Value and Risk of Loss. Chapter 17. Event Studies. Chapter 18. Simulation. Chapter 19. Value at Risk. Chapter 20. Optimization. Chapter 21. Risk Budgets. Chapter 22. Hedging. Chapter 23. Opton Valuation and Replication. Chapter 24. Commodity Futures Conracts. Chapter 25. Currencies. Glossary. Notes. Index.

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