The ethical dimensions of school leadership



The ethical dimensions of school leadership

edited by Paul T. Begley and Olof Johansson

(Studies in educational leadership / series editor, Kenneth Leithwood, v. 1)

Kluwer Academic, c2003

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book about valuation processes in educational administration has a particular focus on the notions community and professionalism. The topic is addressed comprehensively bringing together the work of some of the best-known and most respected philosophers, theorists and researchers working in this field. It will be of interest to university faculty, graduate students and educational administrators.


In Pursuit of Authentic School Leadership Practices.- Democratic Leadership Theory in Late Modernity: An Oxymoron or Ironic Possibility?.- Persistent Difficulties with Values in Educational Administration: Mapping the Terrain.- Reflective Practice: Picturing Ourselves.- Community, Coherence, and Inclusiveness.- Deconstructing Communities: Educational Leaders and Their Ethical Decision-Making Processes.- Let Right be Done: Trying to Put Ethical Standards into Practice.- Valuing Schools as Professional Communities: Assessing the Collaborative Prescription.- Developing Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Education and Community.- School Organizational Values: The Driving Force for Effectiveness and Change.- The Relationship of Gender and Context to Leadership in Australian Schools.- School Leadership as a Democratic Arena.- Conclusion: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow: A Post-Postmodern Purview.

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