Business math


    • Cleaves, Cheryl S.
    • Hobbs, Margie J.


Business math

Cheryl Cleaves, Margie Hobbs

Prentice Hall, c2002

6th ed

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For Business Math, Consumer Math, and Personal Finance (arithmetic-based) courses at the undergraduate level.This top seller continues to offer a comprehensive and effective demonstration of mathematical basic concepts through extensive use of business examples taken from real-world applications in such areas as banking, the hotel/motel industry, retail, and real estate. Strengthening and refining coverage throughout, it encompasses all areas of business mathematics-beginning with skill-building sections on whole numbers and decimals; guiding students through fractions, percents, statistics, and equations; then easing them into the specifics of business-related mathematics applications with discussions on payroll, discounts, markup/markdown, interest, credit and more. Direct, friendly, and visually appealing, it keeps both the teacher and students in mind at all times, offering an adaptable self-instructional or teacher-directed format, and myriad motivational tools to stimulate interest and deepen understanding. Perfect for instructors who want to incorporate the teaching of AMATYC and NCTM standards-numerous pedagogical features correlate specifically to these standards.


Each chapter ends with an Overview, Words to Know, Concepts Analysis, Assignment Exercises, Practice Test, and Self-Check Solutions.1. Problem Solving with Whole Numbers and Decimals. Problem Solving with Whole Numbers. Problem Solving with Decimals. Problem Solving Using Proportions. Around the Business World: International Monetary Exchange.2. Problem Solving with Fractions and Percents. Problem Solving with Fractions. Problem Solving with Percents. Around the Business World: 2000 Census Bureau Earnings Report.3. Problem Solving with Formulas and Equations. Formulas. Equations. Using Equations to Solve Problems. Around the Business World: Budgeting with Formulas and Spreadsheets.4. Statistics, Tables, and Graphs. Statistics. Tables and Graphs. Around the Business World: Reporting Average Salary.5. Bank Records. Checking Account Forms. Bank Statements. Around the Business World: Corporate Bank Accounts.6. Payroll. Gross Pay. Payroll Deductions. The Employer's Payroll Taxes. Around the Business World: Pretax Medical Insurance Premiums and Garnishments.7. Trade and Cash Discounts. Net Price and the Trade Discount. Net Price and the Trade Discount Series. Net Amount and the Cash Discount. Around the Business World: Rebates and Bill-Backs.8. Markup and Markdown. Markup. Markdown. Markup and Markdown Series. Around the Business World: Congressional Pay Raises.9. Simple Interest and Simple Discount. The Simple Interest Formula. Ordinary and Exact Time and Interest. Promissory Notes. Around the Business World: 90 Days Same as Cash! Deals.10. Compound Interest, Future Value, and Present Value. Compound Interest and Future Value. Present Value. Around the Business World: Maximize Your Investments: Start Early!11. Annuities and Sinking Funds. Future Value of an Annuity. Sinking Funds and the Present Value of an Annuity. Around the Business World: Even YOU Can Become a Millionaire.12. Consumer Credit. Installment Loans. Paying a Loan Before It Is Due: The Rule of 78. Open-End Credit. Annual Percentage Rates. Home Mortgages. Around the Business World: Debt Snowball.13. Depreciation. Straight-Line Method of Depreciation. Units-of-Production Method of Depreciation. Sum-of-the-Years'-Digits Method of Depreciation. Declining-Balance Method of Depreciation. Cost-Recovery Depreciation Systems. Section 179 Deductions. Around the Business World: Small Businesses Benefit from Section 179 Deduction-But It Has Its Limits!14. Inventory, Turnover, and Overhead. Inventory. Turnover and Overhead. Around the Business World: OPEC Oil Inventory.15. Financial Statements. The Balance Sheet. Income Statements. Financial Statement Ratios. Around the Business World: New Homes Inventory Turnover Ratio.16. Insurance. Fire Insurance. Motor Vehicle Insurance. Life Insurance. Around the Business World: Sport-Utility Vehicle Insurance.17. Taxes. Sales Tax. Property Tax. Income Tax 695 1 Find Taxable Income. Around the Business World: Social Security Benefits.18. Stocks and Bonds. Stocks. Bonds. Around the Business World: The Stock Market over the Long Term.Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems. Glossary/Index.

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