Gendered relationships


Gendered relationships

edited by Julia T. Wood

Mayfield Pub., c1996

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This collection of contributed articles by prominent scholars from a range of disciplines addresses the intersection of gender communication and interpersonal relationships.


  • PART I: FOUNDATIONS FOR STUDYING GENDER and RELATIONSHIPS 1. Julia T. Wood, "Gender, Relationships, and Communication" 2. Cheris Kramarae, "Classi #64257
  • ed Information: Race, Class, and (Always) Gender" 3. Marsha Houston and Julia T. Wood, "Dif #64257
  • cult Dialogues, Expanded Horizons: Communicating Across Race and Class" PART II: GENDERED PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS 4. Carol J. S. Bruess and Judy C. Pearson, "Gendered Patterns in Family Communication" 5. Fern L. Johnson, "Friendships Among Women: Closeness in Dialogue" 6. Chris Inman, "Friendships Among Men: Closeness in the Doing" 7. Lee West, Jennifer Anderson, and Steve Duck, "Crossing the Barriers to Friendships Between Men and Women" PART III: GENDERED ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS 8. Clyde Hendrick and Susan Hendrick, "Gender and the Experience of Heterosexual Love" 9. Julia T. Wood, "She Says/He Says: Communication, Caring, and Con #64258
  • ict in Heterosexual Relationships" 10. Michelle Huston and Pepper Schwartz, "Gendered Dynamics in the Romantic Relationships of Lesbians and Gay Men" 11. Sheryl Perlmutter-Bowen and Paula Michal-Johnson, "Being Sexual in the Shadow of AIDS" 12. Jacquelyn White and Barrie Bondurant, "Gendered Violence in Intimate Relationships" PART IV: GENDERED PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS 13. Bren Ortega Murphy and Ted Zorn, "Gendered Interaction in Professional Relationships" 14. Shereen G. Bingham, "Sexual Harassment: On the Job, On the Campus" 15. Elizabeth J. Natalle, "Gendered Issues in the Workplace"

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