Equity valuation and analysis with eVal



Equity valuation and analysis with eVal

Russell Lundholm, Richard Sloan

McGraw-Hill, c2004

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Equity Valuation and Analysis focuses on the practical problem of valuing an actual company using real world data. It gives serious treatment to the underlying theory of financial analysis and valuation, but the main goal is to be able to arrive at a pragmatic answer to the question, "what is this company really worth?" The overriding theme is that good forecasts of the future financial statements are they key input to a good valuation. The book also comes with eVal 2003, an Excel-based software application that guides the user through the forecasting and valuation process, and handles the tedious details of valuation computations. eVal also comes with the financial data for over 8000 companies along with links to company websites, SEC filings, forecasts and other great sources of data to improve the user's forecasts.


1. Introduction2. Information Collection3. Understanding the Business4. Accounting Analysis5. Financial Ratio Analysis6. Cash Flow Analysis7. Structured Forecasting8. Forecasting Details9. The Cost of Capital10. Valuation11. Valuation Ratios12. Some Complications

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