Ethics and politics in contemporary theory : between critical theory and post-Marxism


    • Devenney, Mark


Ethics and politics in contemporary theory : between critical theory and post-Marxism

Mark Devenney

(Routledge innovations in political theory, 10)

Routledge, 2004

  • : hardback

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In addressing the political and theoretical debates between critical and post-Marxist theorists, this book discusses the politics of communication and rationality, subjectivity, sovereignty, ethics and deliberative democracy, considering questions such as: * Does the theory of communicative action justify deliberative democracy? * Is a theory of hegemony compatible with an account which relies upon an ideal of communicative success? * Is autonomy a good which should be fostered? * Can the ideal of democracy extend beyond the nation state? * Does post-Marxism have anything interesting to say about ethics? Analysing the work of Ernesto Laclau and Jurgen Habermas - as representatives of different choices made in regard to theory, politics and morality - Ethics and Politics in Contemporary Theory develops a critical response to the contrasting conclusions of these approaches.


1. The Ends of Marx(ism)? 2. Language, Communication, Performativity 3. Performativity and Politics: From Habermas to Laclau 4. Politics, Idealisation and Performativity 5. Quasi-Transcendentalism and Critical Theory 6. The Politics of Subjectivity 7. Deliberative or Radical Democracy? The Politics of Performativity 8. Post-Structuralism and Democratic Theory 9. Ethics and Politics in Discourse Theory

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