Disaster nursing and emergency preparedness for chemical, biological, and radiological terrorism and other hazards


    • Veenema, Tener Goodwin


Disaster nursing and emergency preparedness for chemical, biological, and radiological terrorism and other hazards

Tener Goodwin Veenema, editor

Springer Pub. Co., c2003

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This comprehensive textbook is designed to prepare any nurse to provide health care under disaster conditions. The content ranges from general principles of disaster preparation and management to management of specific types of disasters. Natural and environmental disasters are amply discussed. However, the special emphasis of the book is response to disasters caused by biological, chemical, and radiological agents. Vital information on post-disaster restoration of basic public health, psychological effects, and establishing communication is provided. Each chapter is prefaced with "Key Messages" and "Learning Objectives," and followed by "Study Questions" and "Internet Activities." Numerous case studies bring the reader into contact with professionals from organizations crucial to the U.S. disaster response. The Appendix includes an extensive listing of Internet resources.


  • Unit 1 Disaster preparedness: essentials of disaster planning
  • leadership and co-ordination in disaster health-care systems - the Federal Disaster Response Network
  • understanding the psychosocial impact of disasters
  • legal and ethical issues in disaster response
  • communication - the role of the media. Unit 2 Disaster management: overview of disaster management
  • disaster triage and chemical decontamination
  • restoring public health under disaster conditions - basic sanitation, water and food supply, and shelter
  • managing emergencies outside of the hospital - special events and mass casualties
  • management of psychosocial effects
  • unique needs of children during disasters and other public health emergencies. Unite 3 Natural and accidental disasters: natural disasters
  • environmental disasters. Unit 4 Disasters caused by chemical, biological and radiological agents: introduction - "monster on Death Row"
  • biological and chemical terrorism - a unique threat
  • surveillance systems for bioterrorism
  • biological agents of concern
  • early recognition and detection of biological events
  • design and implementation for massand prophylactic antibiotics clinics
  • chemical agents of concern
  • radiological incidents and emergencies. Unit 5 Special topics: directions for nursing education
  • directions for nursing research and development
  • international disaster nursing.

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