Negotiating citizenship : migrant women in Canada and the global system


    • Stasiulis, Daiva K.
    • Bakan, Abigail B. (Abigail Bess)


Negotiating citizenship : migrant women in Canada and the global system

Daiva K. Stasiulis and Abigail B. Bakan

Palgrave Macmillan, 2003

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 212-227) and index



Negotiating Citizenship explores the growing inequalities associated with nation-based citizenship from the perspective of migrant women workers who have made their way from impoverished Third World countries to work in Canada in the caregiving industries of domestic service and nursing. The study demonstrates the impact of the global political economy, public and private gatekeeping mechanisms, and racialized and gendered stereotypes on the contested relationship between citizen-employers and non-citizen female migrant workers in Canada.


Introduction: Negotiating Citizenship Negotiating Citizenship in an Era of Globalization Underdevelopment, Structural Adjustment and Gendered Migration from the West Indies and the Philippines Gatekeepers to the Domestic Service Industry in Canada Foreign Domestic Workers in Canada Marginalized and Dissident Citizens - Nurses of Colour The Global Citizenship Divide and the Negotiation of Legal Rights Dissident Transnational Citizenship: Resistance, Solidarity and Organisation Conclusion

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