eBay hacks


    • Karp, David A.


eBay hacks

David A. Karp

O'Reilly, 2003

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eBay hacks : 100 industrial-strength tips & tools

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Want to know how best to use eBay? Whether you're a newcomer or longtime user, eBay Hacks will teach you to become efficient as both a buyer and seller. You'll find a wide range of topics, from monitoring the bidding process, getting refunds, and fixing photos so that sale items look their best, to in-depth tips for running a business on eBay and writing scripts that automate some of the most tedious tasks. That's just the nuts and bolts. The book also gives you an inside look into the unique eBay community, where millions of people gather online to buy and sell. Author David Karp - an eBay user from the very beginning - teaches you how to work within this community to maximize your success. eBay Hacks includes four sections: "Hacks for All" covers eBay's diplomacy and feedback system, describing how you can maintain a good feedback profile and use it to inspire trust in others; "Hacks for Buyers" shows you how to focus your searches to find auctions before anyone else--including ways to create an automated search robot. Then, learn how bidding works in the real world, using eBay's proxy bidding system to improve your win rate while spending less money. "Hacks for Sellers" teaches strategies for competitive selling, like promoting your items without spending extra money and protecting yourself from deadbeat buyers. Learn how to run a fulltime business on eBay by streamlining the listing process, communications and checkout; and "Hacks for Developers" delves into eBay's API, an interface for writing programs that do the work that most users have to do by hand through a Web browser.


Chapter 1. Diplomacy and Feedback 1. Searching Feedback 2. Using Prefabricated Feedback 3. How to Avoid Negative Feedback 4. Replie s and Followups to Feedback 5. Withholding Feed back 6. Remove Unwanted Feedback 7. Improve Your Trustworthiness Quickly 8. What to Do When Your Email Doesn't Get Through Chapter 2. Searching 9. Focus Your Searches with eBay's Advanced Search Syntax 10. Controlling Fuzzy Searches 11. Jumping In and Out of Categories While Searching 12. Tweaking Search URLs 13. Find Similar Items 14. Search by Seller 15. Search Internationally 16. Save Your Searches 17. Create a Search Robot 18. Find Items by Shadowing 19. The eBay Toolbar Chapter 3. Bidding 20. Sniffing Out Dishonest Se llers 21. Snipe It Manually 22. Automatic Sniping 23. Conditional Sniping with Bid Groups 24. Keep Track of Auctions Outside of eBay 25. Take Advantage of Bid Increments 26. Manipulating Buy-It-Now Auctions 27. Retract Your Bid Without Retracting Your Bid 28. Tools for Dealing with Fraud 29. Send Payment Quickly and Safely 30. International Transaction s Made Easier 31. Save Money on Shipping 32. Dealing with Disappointment: Getting Refunds Chapter 4. Selling 33. What's It Worth? 34. To Bundle or Not to Bundle 35. Reserve J udgment 36. The Strategy of Listing Upgrades 37. Putting Keywords in Your Auction 3 8. Track Your Exposure 39. Expectation Manageme nt 40. Formatting the Description with HTML 41. Customize Auction Page Backgrounds 42. Framing Your Auctions 43. Overriding eBay's Fonts and Styles 44. Annoy Them with Sound 45. Put a Shipping Cost Calculator in Your Auction 46. Allow Visitors to Search Through Your Auctions 47. List Your Other Auctions in the Description 48. Make Good Use of the About Me Page 49. Opting Out of Checkout 50. Make Changes to Running Auctions 51. Dynamic Text in A uction Descriptions 52. Let's Make a Deal 53. Diplomacy 101: Answering Dumb Questions 54. Keeping Out Deadbeat Bidders Chapter 5. Working with Photos 55. How to Keep Your Item from Looking Pathetic 56. Mastering Close-Up Photography 57. Doctoring Photos 58. Protect Your Copyright 59. Host Your Ow n Photos 60. Make Clickable Thumbnails 61. Construct an Interactive Photo Album 62. Show a 360-Degree View of Your Item 63. Create a Photo Collage 64. Create a Good Gallery Phot o Chapter 6. Completing Transactions 65. Keep Track of Items You've Sold 66. Sending Payment Instructions 67. Protect Yourself While Accepting Payments 68. Cheap, Fast Shipping Without Waitin g in Line 69. Selling and Shipping Internationally 70. Damage Control Before and After You Ship 71. Dealing with Stragglers, Deadbeats, and Returns Chapter 7. Running a Business on eBay 72. eBay Stores 73. Streamlining Listings 74. Streamlining Communications 75. Streamlining Checkout and Payment 76. Obtaining Sales Records 77. Make Money by Linking to eBay 78. List Your Auctions on Another Site 79. Accept PayPal Payments from Your Own Site (Part Contents).

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