News writing and reporting for today's media


News writing and reporting for today's media

Bruce D. Itule, Douglas A. Anderson

(McGraw-Hill international editions)(McGraw-Hill higher education)

McGraw-Hill College, c2003

6th ed.

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"News Writing and Reporting" takes students on the beat, into the press box, council chambers, courthouse, and to a speech and press conference. It introduces them to current issues such as cultural sensitivity and legal and ethical considerations, and to reporters and editors who offer their down-to-earth advice. Whenever possible, professional journalists covering actual stories are used as instructional models. Students are exposed to the work of professionals while gathering the tools to follow in their footsteps.


Part One: The Fourth Estate Chapter 1: Today's Media Chapter 2: Ingredients of News Part Two: The Rudiments Chapter 3: Qualities of Good Writing Chapter 4: Summary Leads Chapter 5: Special Leads Chapter 6: Organizing a News Story Chapter 7: Developing a News Story Chapter 8: Quotations and Attribution Part Three: Gathering Information Chapter 9: Features Chapter 10: Interviewing Chapter 11: Computer-Assisted Reporting and Research Chapter 12: Surveys Part Four: Basic Assignments Chapter 13: Obituaries Chapter 14: News Releases Chapter 15: Speeches and Press Conferences Chapter 16: Weather and Disasters Chapter 17: Broadcast Writing Part Five: Beats Chapter 18: Multicultural Reporting Chapter 19: City Government Chapter 20: Police and Fire Chapter 21: Courts Chapter 22: Sports Part Six: Advanced Assigments Chapter 23: In-Depth and Investigative Reporting Chapter 24: Business News and Other Specialties Part Seven: Beyond the Writing Chapter 25: Law Chapter 26: Ethics and Fairness: Responsibility to Society Appendix A: Gannett Newspaper Division Principles of Ethical Conduct for Newsrooms Appendix B: Associated Press Style Rules Appendix C: Glossary

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