Professional's handbook of psychotropic drugs


Professional's handbook of psychotropic drugs

Springhouse Corp., c2001

  • pbk.

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This handbook is a comprehensive reference for the appropriate prescribing and management of drug therapy utilized in psychiatric conditions such as seizures, depression, Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia, psychosis, anxiety, mood disorders, and others. New drug developments challenge every health care professional's ability to keep clinically up to date with the abundance of information on psychotropic drugs. This authoritative drug handbook will provide current information about every drug used for all clinically approved psychiatric indications, including investigational and unlabeled uses.Each therapeutic class of psychotropic drugs is fully detailed in individual chapters following the introductory chapters on psychiatric disorders and assessments. These chapters provide easy comparisons of the efficacy, dosages, side effects profile, and special considerations of all the drugs within a therapeutic class. This is followed by the section of drug monographs organized alphabetically for quick reference.

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