Radar system performance modeling


    • Curry, G. Richard


Radar system performance modeling

G. Richard Curry

(The Artech House radar library)

Artech House, c2001

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Radars play a vital and ever-expanding role as integral parts of complex air traffic control, ballistic missile defence, air defence, and targeting systems for land attack. This work helps the reader to evaluate the performance of radars in system tasks, and quantify the impact of radar operation on system performance. The book provides systems-level radar modelling tools for both the analyst and programmer, and furnishes insight on how to use the models in system analysis. The book includes a diskette featuring Visual Basic modules and equations that can be used for calculating many of the parameters and performance measures discussed in the book.


Introduction: How To Use This Book. Concept of Radar Operation. Radar Applications And Functions: Search, Tracking, Measurement. Functional Models. VBA Software Functions. Radar Configurations: Basing: Ground, Air, Space. Frequency Bands, Antennas: Dish, Reflector, Phased Array, Hybrid. Waveforms: Pulsed, CW, pulse compression. Processing: MTI, Pulse Doppler, SAR. Monostatic and Bistatic. Radar Analysis Parameters: Transmitter: Peak And Average Power, Duty Cycle, Pulse Energy. Antenna: Gain, Aperture Area, Beamwidth, Sidelobes, RF And Beamshape Losses. Receiver/Processor: Internal And External Noise, RF And Processing Losses. Phased Array Antennas: Field-Of-View, Scan Loss, Scan Limits. Target RCS And Fluctuation Models. Radar Waveforms: Waveform Characteristics: Range And Doppler Resolution, Ambiguities. CW Pulse. Pulse Compression: Chirp, Phase Reversal. Pulse Bursts. Multiple-Time Around Returns. Radar Equation: Basic Radar Equation, Range, S/N. Parameter Definition For Radar Equation. Concept Of Using Reference Range. Pulse Integration: Coherent, Noncoherent (Loss). Minimum Range Constraint. VBA Software Functions For Radar Equation. Radar Detection: Detection Concept, PD, PFA. Detection Calculation Techniques. Plots of Detection Probability. Pulse Integration: Coherent, Noncoherent. Cumulative Detection. VBA Software Functions For Radar Detection. Radar Search Modes: Volume Search. Horizon Search. Cued Search. Phased Arrays, Rotating Reflectors, Dish Radars. VBA Software Modules Of Radar Search Modes. Measurement And Tracking: Range Measurement Accuracy. Angle Measurement Accuracy. Radial Velocity Measurement Accuracy. Measurement of Target Features, Data Smoothing And Tracking. Trajectory Prediction. Multiple-Target Issues. VBA Software Functions For Measurement And Tracking. Environment And Mitigation Techniques: Clutter: Ground, Volume. MTI Concept, Operation And Performance. Multipath Effects. Rain Attenuation. Atmospheric Attenuation, Refraction. Ionospheric Attenuation, Refraction. VBA Software Functions For Environment And Mitigation Techniques. Radar Countermeasures and Counter-Countermeasures: Jammer Characteristics: Deception, Spot, Noise, Mainlobe, Sidelobe. Radar Burnthrough Range: Mainlobe, Sidelobe Jammers. Spot and Volume Chaff. Replica and Traffic Decoys. VBA Software Modules Of Radar Counermeasures and Counter-Countermeasures. Radar Modeling Examples: Using Models Together To Solve Practical Radar Problems. Solutions Using Equations And Tools In Text. Solutions Using Excel With VBA Software Functions. Appendices: List Of Symbols. Glossary. Listing Of VBA Software Functions. Installation, Use. Unit Conversions.

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