The Anglo-Dutch moment : essays on the Glorious Revolution and its world impact


The Anglo-Dutch moment : essays on the Glorious Revolution and its world impact

edited by Jonathan I. Israel

Cambridge University Press, 2003, c1991

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"First paperback edition 2003."--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



Much new research and writing on the Glorious Revolution of 1688-91 in England, Scotland, Ireland and North America, and on the Dutch role in the Revolution, has materialized in the last few years in connection with the tercentenary celebrations of 1988 and 1989 and the various accompanying conferences, symposia, and exhibitions in Britain, the Netherlands and the United States. There has also been a spate of associated publications. This is, however, the first large-scale work to emerge from the tercentenary commemoration, and the first to attempt to bring together the main strands of the new research and writing for the general reader and for the student, placing the English Revolution of 1688-89 for the first time in its full British, European and American setting, and showing how fundamentally our picture of the Revolution itself, as well as the Revolutionary process of 1688-91 as a whole, is now being transformed.


  • List of plates
  • List of illustrations
  • List of abbreviations
  • Editor's preface
  • Foreword by the President of the British Academy
  • General introduction Jonathan I. Israel
  • Part I. The Glorious Revolution: 1. James II's Revolution: royal policies, 1686-92 J. R. Jones
  • 2. The sensible revolution John Morrill
  • 3. The Dutch role in the glorious revolution Jonathan I. Israel
  • 4. Church and state reformed? the revolution of 1688-9 in Scotland Ian B. Cowan
  • 5. The Williamite revolution in Ireland, 1688-91 D. W. Hayton
  • 6. The revolution of 1688-9 in the American colonies Richard R. Johnson
  • 7. The revolution of 1688-9 and the English republican tradition Blair Wordern
  • Part II. Background and World Impact: 8. Freedom in seventeenth-century Dutch thought and practice E. H. Kossman
  • 9. William III, Brandenburg, and the construction of the anti-French coalition, 1672-88 Wouter Troost
  • 10. Of providence and protestant winds: the Spanish Armada of 1588 and the Dutch armada of 1688 Jonathan I. Israel and Geoffrey Parker
  • 11. The Glorious Revolution of 1688-9 and the House of Savoy Robert Oresko
  • 12. Sequel to revolution: the economics of England's emergence as a Great Power, 1688-1712 D. W. Jones
  • 13. The English and Dutch East India Companies and the Glorious Revolution of 1688-9 K. N. Chaudhuri and Jonathan I. Israel
  • 14. William III and the Glorious Revolution in the eyes of Amsterdam Sephardi writers: the reactions of Miguel de Barrios, Joseph Penso de la Vega, and Manuel de Leao Harm den Boer and Jonathan I. Israel
  • 15. A fateful alliance? William III and England in Dutch historiography, 1688-9 to 1988-9 P. J. A. N. Rietbergen
  • 16. Epilogue: the glorious revolution Hugh Trevor-Roper
  • Index.

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