Strategic management


Strategic management

Colin White

Palgrave Macmillan, 2004

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Reflecting the challenges of formulating, implementing and monitoring strategy in practice, White's contemporary text discusses differing theories and approaches in the context of real-world experience. Readers are encouraged to conceptualize and generalize business problems and to confront philosophical issues without losing sight of practical aims. Each chapter starts with a Key Strategic Challenge and sets the scene of a case study which is resolved at the end of the chapter. The text includes more than sixty Strategy in Action short case examples to illustrate how organizations apply strategy in practice along with fifteen long case studies for detailed analysis. Strategic Projects and Exploring Further sections encourage readers to investigate the subject more in detail. Strategic Management: * Acknowledges the complex reality of strategy in the real world showing students the challenges they will encounter when implementing strategy in practice. * Provides a solid theoretical grounding in the subject enabling students to develop their own strategic approaches. * Offers comprehensive and contemporary topic coverage reflecting current trends such as globalization, co-operative strategy and performance measurement. * Includes separate chapters on Implementation, Monitoring and Risk Assessment reflecting the critical role of these issues within organizations. * Provides a wide range of international case examples from well-known organizations in all regions of the world allowing students to see how strategy is implemented in practice and reflecting the global nature of strategy for multinational corporations. Integrated web packages include: * FOR STUDENTS: Additional long case studies, integrating case study, links to further resources, searchable glossary. * FOR INTRUCTORS: Suggested teaching pathways and key themes, additional case study questions, comments on exercises and assignments within the text, powerpoint lecture presentations. Visit for more information.


Prologue.- PART I: INTRODUCING STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT.- Introducing Strategy and Strategy Making.- Thinking and Acting Strategically.- Adopting a Global Perspective.- Reading an Uncertain Future.- PART II: STRATEGIC ENVIRONMENTS & COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES.- Identifying Opportunities and Risks.- Reading the Competitive Environment.- Analysing Resources, Capabilities and Core Competencies.- Creating & Maintaining Competitive Advantage.- Reducing Cost.- Differentiating the Product.- PART III: STRATEGIC DILEMMAS.- Determining the Size of an Enterprise.- Integrating the Strategists.- When to Compete and when to Co-operate?.- Managing Risk.- Participating in the Global Economy.- Part IV: BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER.- Formulating Strategy.- Implementing Strategy.- Monitoring Strategic Performance.- Part V: STRATEGIC ANALYSIS AND AUDIT.- Long Case Studies Epilogue.- Glossary.- Bibliography.- Company Index.- Subject Index.

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