Second wind : turnaround strategies for business revival


    • Caplan, Suzanne


Second wind : turnaround strategies for business revival

Suzanne Caplan

(Entrepreneur mentor series)

Entrepreneur Press, c2003

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Get Out of Trouble Fast. Get your... Second Wind Turnaround Strategies for Business Revival As a business owner, do you find yourself caught in the vise of rising costs and falling sales? Has that forward-looking investment designed to handle expected growth suddenly become a drain on your cash flow? Do your best employees find themselves with too little work to perform efficiently? You need a new business plan-one that will let you stay alive, even thrive, in a less-than-booming economy. Second Wind is a practical, real-life, approach to small business turnaround, It's the business owners definitive guide to troubleshooting,. You'll learn: How to recognize the signs that trouble is brewing How to analyze every phase of the business operation How to uncover the weakness in your company How to respond quickly to changing economic conditions How to find solutions that lead to survival and success A soft economy, tight money, the pressures of new technologies and the fallout from 9/11 mean stress for the small-business community. The corporate failure rate us at an all time high, and still rising. For today's entrepreneur, turnaround skills are not an option-they're mandatory. Second Wind offers a wide range of solutions, from simple strategies to change to successful Chapter 11 reorganization. The author, Suzanne Caplan, has been a court-appointed consultant for Chapter 11 bankruptcies and has trained other consultants to deal with crisis clients. She has worked with troubled businesses throughout the United States, including manufacturing, distribution, construction, and real-estate development firms, most with revenues from $2-6 million. All but one of these companies solved their most pressing problems throughout reorganization or merger.

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