The spatial construction of organization


    • Hernes, Tor


The spatial construction of organization

Tor Hernes

(Advances in organization studies, v. 12)

J. Benjamins, c2004

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [149]-158) and indexes



An important challenge to organization theory is to search for constructs that explain how contexts for work emerge, evolve, persist and change. This book explores the concept of "space" as representing a wide variety of contexts. Organization as a process, as distinguished from organization as an entity, is seen as the construction of space, where space is the outcome of human action and interaction as well as providing a context for actions and interaction. The book shows how different forms of space lie at the base of a number of developments in organization theory. It then takes the step to show how contemporary developments in social science represented by works by writers such as Giddens, Luhmann, Latour and Bourdieu can be used to establish a dynamic understanding of organization as space. Insights from these discussions are used to establish a unique and coherent way of understanding complexities of modern organization.


  • 1. Acknowledgements
  • 2. Preface
  • 3. Introduction: making maps - and mapping the structure of the book
  • 4. 1. The subject is organization
  • 5. 2. Between form and action: The case for contexts
  • 6. 3. Organization as context
  • 7. 4. From context to space
  • 8. 5. Boundaries in fields of spaces
  • 9. 6. Physical space: Organization by regulation and binding
  • 10. 7. Mental space: Organization by thought
  • 11. 8. Social space: Organization by bonding
  • 12. 9. Spatial dynamics
  • 13. 10. Putting space into perspective
  • 14. Bibliography
  • 15. Name index
  • 16. Subject index

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