Information technology research, innovation, and E-Government


    • National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Computing and Communications Research to Enable Better Use of Information Technology in Government
    • National Research Council (U.S.). Computer Science and Telecommunications Board


Information technology research, innovation, and E-Government

Committee on Computing and Communications Research to Enable Better Use of Information Technology in Government, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, National Research Council

National Academy Press, c2002



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Governments have done much to leverage information technology to deploy e-government services, but much work remains before the vision of e-government can be fully realized. Information Technology Research, Innovation, and E-government examines the emerging visions for e-government, the technologies required to implement them, and approaches that can be taken to accelerate innovation and the transition of innovative information technologies from the laboratory to operational government systems. In many cases, government can follow the private sector in designing and implementing IT-based services. But there are a number of areas where government requirements differ from those in the commercial world, and in these areas government will need to act on its role as a a /demand leader.a Although researchers and government agencies may appear to by unlikely allies in this endeavor, both groups have a shared interest in innovation and meeting future needs. E-government innovation will require addressing a broad array of issues, including organization and policy as well as engineering practice and technology research and development, and each of these issues is considered in the book.


  • 1 Front Matter
  • 2 Summary and Recommendations
  • 3 1 Vision for IT-Enabled Enhancement of Government
  • 4 2 Special Considerations in E-Government: Why Government Leads in Demand for Certain Information Technologies
  • 5 3 Technology Levers
  • 6 4 Technology Transition and Program Management: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Impact
  • 7 Appendix A: E-Government Scenarios
  • 8 Appendix B: July 2001 Letter Report to the National Science Foundation
  • 9 Appendix C: Workshops Convened for This Project: Agendas and Participants

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