Forensic psychology : concepts, debates and practice


    • Adler, Joanna R.


Forensic psychology : concepts, debates and practice

edited by Joanna R. Adler

Willan, 2004

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This book brings together a team of experts in the field of forensic psychology to demonstrate the scope of the discipline and the techniques employed in key areas of research, policy and practice. Its aim is to go beyond the introductory texts on the subject to challenge perceptions, to raise questions for research, to pose problems for practice, and to inspire and stimulate, demonstrating the ways in which forensic psychology can aid the practice of criminal justice. It will be essential reading for students, academics and practitioners. The book is divided into seven sections, addressing key topics with which the discipline is concerned its broader context, investigation and prosecution, testimony and evidence, correlates of criminality, persistent offending, intervention and prevention and punishment and corrections. The contributors include both academics and practitioners, and are drawn from the UK, the USA and Australasia.


Preface Part 1: Forensic psychology in context 1. Forensic psychology: concepts, debates and practice, Joanna R. Adler 2. Public perceptions of crime and punishment, Jane Wood and G. Tendayi Viki Part 2: Investigation and prosecution 3. USA and UK responses to miscarriages of justice, Tom Williamson 4. The interpretation and utilisation of offender profiles: a critical review of 'traditional' approaches to profiling, Laurence Alison and Emma Barrett Part 3: Testimony and Evidence 5. Eliciting evidence from eyewitnesses in court, Mark R. Kebbell and Elizabeth L. Gilchrist 6. The ageing eyewitness, Amina Memon , Fiona Gabbert and Lorraine Hope Part 4: Correlates of criminality: sensations and substances 7. The status of sensational interests as indicators of possible risk, Vincent Egan 8. Drug use and criminal behaviour: indirect, direct or causal relationship? Ian P. Albery , Tim McSweeney and Mike Hough 9. Drug arrest referral schemes and forensic perspectives on the treatment of addiction, Andrew Guppy, Paul Johnson and Mark Wallace-Bell Part 5: Persistent offending 10. Life-course persistent offending, Alex R. Piquero and Terrie E. Moffitt 11. Stalking, Lorraine Sheridan and Graham Davies Part 6: Intervention and prevention 12. Domestic violence: current issues in definitions and interventions with perpetrators in the UK, Elizabeth L. Gilchrist and Mark Kebbell 13. Effective programmes to prevent delinquency, Brandon C. Welsh and David P. Farrington 14. Parenting projects, justice and welfare, Anthony H. Goodman and Joanna R. Adler Part 7: Punishment and corrections 15. Women in prison, Nancy Loucks 16. Applied Psychological services in Prisons and Probation, Graham Towle

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