How to build social science theories


How to build social science theories

Pamela J. Shoemaker, James William Tankard, Jr., Dominic L. Lasorsa

Sage, c2004

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 203-210) and index



As straightforward as its title, How to Build Social Science Theories sidesteps the well-traveled road of theoretical examination by demonstrating how new theories originate and how they are elaborated. Essential reading for students of social science research, this book traces theories from their most rudimentary building blocks (terminology and definitions) through multivariable theoretical statements, models, the role of creativity in theory building, and how theories are used and evaluated.


Preface Foreword - Jerald Hage 1. Introduction: The Nature of Science 2. Theoretical Concepts: The Building Blocks of Theory 3. Theoretical Statements Relating Two Variables 4. Theoretical and Operational Linkages 5. Theoretical Statements Relating Three Variables 6. Theoretical Statements Relating Four or More Variables 7. Theoretical Models 8. Creativity and Theory Building 9. Using and Evaluating Theory Appendix A: Guidelines for Preparing Tables and Figures Appendix B: Acceptable Levels of Measurement for Various Statistics References Index About the Authors

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