Ordinary language criticism : literary thinking after Cavell after Wittgenstein


Ordinary language criticism : literary thinking after Cavell after Wittgenstein

edited by Kenneth Dauber and Walter Jost ; with an afterword by Stanley Cavell

(Rethinking theory)

Northwestern University Press, 2003

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What is ordinary language criticism? In a series of essays on texts and figures ranging from Genesis to Don Quixote to Proust, Henry James, Martin Heidegger, and Robert Frost, this work sets out to recover ""ordinariness"" as the overlooked point of departure and return in literary studies and to point up the various aesthetic, ethical, and even metaphysical consequences that follow from that recovery. Topics include the practice of reading, the autobiographical situation in literature and philosophy, the sense of a beginning, knowledge of other minds, and the conditions of ""habitation"" in the work of Cavell and Wittgenstein.


  • Introduction - The Varieties Of Ordinary Language Criticism, Kenneth Dauber And Walter Jost
  • Wittgenstein's Philosophizing And Literary Theorizing, Austin E. Quigley
  • Stanley Cavell's Redemptive Reading - A Philosophical Labor In Progress, Edward Duffy
  • The Window - Knowledge Of Other Minds In Virginia Woolf's ""To The Lighthouse"", Martha C. Nussbaum
  • Ordinary Language Brought To Grief - ""Home Burial"", Walter Jost
  • Reading, Writing, Remembering - What Cavell And Heidegger Call Thinking, Stephen Mulhall
  • The Grammar Of Telling - The Example Of ""Don Quixote"", A.J. Cascardi
  • The Shadow Of A Magnitude - Quotation As Canonicity In Proust And Beckett, William Flesch
  • The Self, Reflected - Wittgenstein, Cavell, And The Autobiographical Situation, Garry L. Hagberg
  • Cavell's Imperfect Perfectionism, Charles Altieri
  • The Poetics Of Description - Wittgenstein On The Aesthetic, Marjorie Perloff
  • In Which Henry James Strikes Bedrock, Ralph M. Berry
  • ""The Accomplishment Of Inhabitation"" - Danto, Cavell, And The Argument Of American Poetry, Gerald L. Bruns. (Part Contents).

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