Governance in multicultural societies


Governance in multicultural societies

edited by John Rex, Gurharpal Singh

(Research in migration and ethnic relations series)

Ashgate, c2004

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In the last decade the study of multiculturalism has become an established field in political and social theory. This in-depth and engaging volume focuses on public policy and the dilemmas faced by the governments of increasingly diverse societies. Offering a theoretically and empirically rich collection of essays from some of the leading specialists in the field, it fills the gap between the social and political theory of multiculturalism and institutionally based national case studies. The book is distinctive in combining a robust theoretical introduction to recent developments in multiculturalism with a critical evaluation of contemporary public policy in a variety of countries in Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Far East and South Africa. It incorporates a strong comparative dimension both within and across the case studies, with a regional focus enabling comparisons of regional, national and international experience.


  • Contents: Assessing multiculturalism theoretically: E Pluribus Unum, Sic et Non, Edward A. Tiryakian
  • Strangers and compatriots: the political theory of cultural diversity, Colin Tyler
  • Multiculturalism and political integration in the modern nation-state, John Rex
  • The sociology of multiculturalism: is culture the name of the game?, Steve Fenton
  • Multiculturalism in contemporary Britain: community cohesion, urban riots and the 'Leicester Model', Gurharpal Singh
  • Multiculturalism in France, Catherine Withol de Wenden
  • Multiculturalism in Germany: the local management of immigrants' social inclusion, Frank-Olaf Radtke
  • Boundary change and ethnic separation in South-Eastern Europe, 1919-1999: the role of the great powers, David Carlton
  • Ethnic conflict in the former Soviet Union: the problem of governance, Galina M. Yemelianova
  • Pluralism and multiculturalism in colonial and post-colonial society, John Rex
  • Malaysia and capitalist modernization: plural and multicultural models, Steve Fenton
  • Is multiculturalism a workable policy in South Africa?, Simon Bekker and Anne Leilde
  • Multiculturalism in contemporary India, Harihar Bhattacharyya
  • Pluralism and democracy in Pakistan, Mohammad Waseem
  • Sikhs in multicultural societies, Darshan S. Tatla
  • Multiculturalism in Japan: citizenship policy for immigrants, Hideki Tarumoto
  • From multiculturalism to hybridity: the Chinese in Canada, Chan Kwok Bun
  • Afterword
  • Index.

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