Intercultural communication : an advanced resource book


Intercultural communication : an advanced resource book

Adrian Holliday, Martin Hyde and John Kullman

(Routledge applied linguistics / series editors, Christopher N. Candlin, Ronald Carter)

Routledge, 2004

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 214-228) and index



Intercultural Communication: introduces the key theories of intercultural communication explores ways in which people communicate within and across social groups is built around three themes - identity, otherization and representation - which are followed and developed over the book's three sections gathers together influential readings from key names in the discipline, including: James Paul Gee, James P. Lantolf, Les Back, Richard Dyer, Jacques Derrida, and Alastair Pennycook. The accompanying website to this book can be found at


Section A: Introduction 1: Identity Unit 1: People Like me Unit 2: Artefacts of Culture Unit 3: Identity Card 2. Otherization Unit 4: Communication is About not Presuming Unit 5: Cultural Dealing Unit 6: Power and Language 3. Representation Unit 7: Cultural Refugee Unit 8: Complex Images Disciplines for Intercultural Communication Section B: Extension Unit 1: 'Culture' and 'Community' in Everyday Discourse Unit 2: 'Culture': Definitions and Perspectives 1: Identity Unit 3: - Identity as a Personal Project Unit 4: Globalization and Identity Unit 5:Discourse, Identity, and Culture Unit 6: Identity and Language Learning Unit 7: Identity, Community and the Internet 2: Otherization Unit 8: Otherization: Focus on Japan Unit 9: Images of the Other: 'Listen to the Image Speak' Unit 10: Absence and Invisibility in Otherization White Unit 11: The Other and the Tourist Gaze Unit 12: 'Undemonizing' 3: Representation Unit 13: Representation in the Mass Media: The Case of 'Asylum Seekers' Unit 14: Representation: Sport and Stereotyping in the Mass Media Unit 15: The Representation of Identity: Personality and its Social Construction Unit 16: Cultural Constructs Individualism and Collectivism Section C: Exploration 1: Identity Unit 1: The Story of the Self Unit 2: Becoming the Self Through Defining the Other Unit 3: Undoing Cultural Fundamentalism Unit 4: Investigating Discourse and Power Unit 5: Locality and Transcendence of Locality: Factors in Identity Formation 2: Otherization Unit 6: Otherization Unit 7: As you Speak Therefore you Are Unit 8: The 'Located' S

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