Laser applications


    • Bauerle, D.


Laser applications

editors, R. Poprawe, H. Weber, G. Herziger ; authors, D. Bauerle ...[ et al.]

(Landolt-Börnstein Zahlenwerte und Funktionen aus Naturwissenschaften und Technik, Neue Serie / Gesamtherausgabe, K.-H. Hellwege, group 8 . Advanced materials and technologies ; v. 1 . Laser physics and applications ;subv. C)

Springer, c2004

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ISSN for "Advanced materials and technologies"

Other authors : H. W. Bergmann, F. Dausinger, K. Dorschel, A. Gebhardt, M.Geiger, M. Grupp, H. Haferkamp, C. Hertzler, H. Hugel, O. Minet, M. Mohrle, G. Muller, W. O'Neill, W. Schulz, G. Sepold, H. J. Tiziani, M.Totzeck, M. Ulbricht, H. Venghaus, F. Vollertsen, H. Welling, W. Wiesemann



The three volumes VIII/1A, B, C document the state of the art of "Laser Physics and Applications". Scientific trends and related technological aspects are considered by compiling results and conclusions from phenomenology, observation and experience. Reliable data, physical fundamentals and detailed references are presented. In the recent decades the laser beam source matured to a universal tool common to scientific research as well as to industrial use. Today a technical goal is the generation of optical power towards shorter wavelengths, shorter pulses and higher power for application in science and industry. Tailoring the optical energy in wavelength, space and time is a requirement for the investigation of laser-induced processes, i.e. excitation, non-linear amplification, storage of optical energy, etc. According to the actual trends in laser research and development, Vol. VIII/1 is split into three parts: Subvolume VIII/1A covers laser fundamentals, Subvolume VIII/1B deals with laser systems and present subvoume VIII/1C gives an overview on laser applications.


Fundamentals.- Fundamentals of laser-induced processes.- Production engineering.- Surface treatment.- Rapid prototyping.- Thermal bending.- Joining.- Laser separating.- Cutting: Modeling and data.- Laser systems for materials processing.- Process monitoring and closed-loop control.- Life science, biological and chemical processing.- Lasers in biology and medicine.- Laser chemical processing.- Optical data processing.- Communication.- Metrology.- High-precision optical metrology for surfaces.- Environmental control.- Laser safety and ecology.- Laser safety.- Index.

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