Underworld : flooded kingdoms of the ice age


    • Hancock, Graham


Underworld : flooded kingdoms of the ice age

Graham Hancock ; photographs by Santha Faiia

Michael Joseph, 2002

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Much of the ancient world inherited by our ancestors now lies under water after melting ice caps flooded vast areas at the end of the last Ice Age. New advances in geology and marine technology mean that the great archaeological finds of this comingcentury will more than likely be found under the oceans. It now looks highly likely that large populations of early humans were obliterated from the historical record by this catastrophe, over 10,000 years ago. But who were these populations - pre-civilised hunter-gathers or more sophisticated peoples altogether? Graham Hancock takes us on an exciting new quest to find out some of the answers.


  • Part 1 Initiation: relics
  • the riddle of the antediluvian cities
  • meltdown. Part 2 India (1): forgotten cities, ancient texts and an Indian Atlantis
  • pilgrimage to India
  • the place of the ship's descent
  • lost India
  • the demon on the mountain and the rebirth of civilization. Part 3 India (2): fairytale kingdom
  • the mystery of the red hill
  • the quest for Kumari Kandam
  • the hidden years
  • pyramid islands
  • ghosts in the water. Part 4 Malta: smoke and fire in Malta
  • cave of bones
  • the thorn in the flesh
  • the masque of the green book
  • inundation
  • the morning of the world. Part 5 Ancient maps: terra incognita
  • the secret memories of maps
  • looking for the lost on the road to nowhere
  • the metamorphoses of Antilia. Part 6 Japan, Taiwan, China: the land beloved of the gods
  • remembrance
  • confronting Yonaguni
  • maps of Japan and Taiwan 13,000 years ago?
  • confronting Kerama
  • the shark at the gate
  • postscript - the underworld in the Gulf of Cambay.

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