Adapting the Arthurian legends for children : essays on Arthurian juvenilia


Adapting the Arthurian legends for children : essays on Arthurian juvenilia

edited by Barbara Tepa Lupack

(Studies in Arthurian and courtly cultures)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2004

1st ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



For centuries, the Arthurian legends have fascinated and inspired countless writers, artists and readers, many of whom first became acquainted with the story as youngsters. From the numerous retellings of Malory and versions of Tennyson for young people to the host of illustrated volumes to which the Arthurian Revival gave rise; from the Arthurian youth groups for boys (and eventually for girls) run by schools and churches to the school operas, theater pieces, and other entertainment for younger audiences; from the Arthurian juvenile fiction sequences and series to the films and television shows featuring Arthurian characters, children have learned about the world of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. This book explores the subject.


  • Le Morte D'Arthur for Children - Malory's third tradition, A. Lynch
  • text, image and swords of empowerment in recent children's picturebooks, J.L. Kellogg
  • the case of the disappearing text - Connecticut Yankee for children, E.S. Sklar
  • deceptive simplicity - children's versions of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, C.L. Vitto
  • the sense of place in Arthurian fiction for younger readers, R.H. Thompson
  • Susan Cooper's "The Dark Is Rising", C. Spivack
  • interview with Susan Cooper, R.H. Thompson
  • grails, swords and bag puddings - a survey of children's poetry and plays, D. Nastali
  • Arthurian youth groups in America, A. Lupack
  • good King Arthur - Arthurian music for children J.V. Reel
  • once and future kings - the return of King Arthur in comic books, M.A. Torregrossa
  • Camelot on camera - the Arthurian legend and children's films, B. Tepa Lupack.

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