The nuclear envelope



The nuclear envelope

edited by D.E. Evans, C.J. Hutchinson, J.A. Bryant

(SEB symposium series, v. 56)(Experimental biology reviews)

BIOS Scientific Publishers, 2004

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The Nuclear Envelope brings together the major current topics in nuclear envelope structure, transport, transcriptional regulation and cell signaling. The volume is divided into four sections: 1. Proteins of the nuclear envelope, including nuclear envelope proteomics, structure and function. 2. Nuclear pores and transport at the nuclear envelope, including pore complex structure, assembly and function and import and export pathways. 3. Nuclear envelope dynamics, including dynamics of lamina assembly and disassembly. 4. Nuclear signaling and transcription regulation, including signaling to the nucleus and spectrin repeat proteins and their implications or communication between the nucleus and cytoplasm.


1. The Nuclear Envelope: A Comparative Overview. 2. The Nuclear Envelope Proteome. 3. Nuclear Envelope Proteins and Human Disease. 4. Protein Interactions, Right or Wrong, in Emery Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy. 5. Plant Nuclear Envelope Proteins. 6. Structure, Function and Assembly of the Nuclear Pore Complex. 7. Import and Export at the Nuclear Envelope. 8. Regulating Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells: How Nuclear Architecture Influences mRNA Synthesis and Export to the Cytoplasm. 9. Nuclear Shuffling in Plant Cells. 10. Dynamics of Nuclear Lamina Assembly and Disassembly. 11. Spatial and Temporal Control of Nuclear Envelop Assembly. 12. Nuclear Envelope Dynamics During Mitosis. 13. Nuclear Dynamics in Higher Plants. 14. The Nuclear Envelope in the Plant Cycle. 15. Signalling to the Nucleus via A-Kinase Anchoring Proteins. 16. Spectraplakins and Nespins, Giant Spectrin Repeat Proteins Participating in the Organization of the Cytoskeleton and the Nuclear Envelope. 17. Arabidopsis U1 snRNP 70K Protein and its Interacting Proteins: Nuclear Localization and in Vivo Dynamics of a Novel Plant-Specific Serine/Argone-rich Protein. 18. Calcium/Calmodulin-binding transcription activators in Plants and Animals. 19. CAAX-dependent Modifications of the Lamin Proteins in the Organization of the Nuclear Periphery. 20. All in the Family: Evidence for Four New LEM-domain Proteins Lem2 (NET-25), Lem3, Lem4 and Lem5 in the Human Genome.

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