Persia in World War I and its conquest by Great Britain


Persia in World War I and its conquest by Great Britain

Mohammad Gholi Majd

University Press of America, c2003

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Persia in World War One and its conquest by Great Britain

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Using U.S. State Department archives, Persian sources, and memoirs of British military officers, Majd provides an outline of military, diplomatic, and political events in Persia during 1914-1918. Persia in World War I and Its Conquest by Great Britain describes Persia's failure to gain recourse at Versailles, alleging that Persia was a loser both in war and peace. It is the second book in Majd's World War I triology.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Persia on the Eve of World War I and Majlis Elections of 1914 Chapter 3 Initial Aggression Against Persia Chapter 4 New Anglo-Russian Division of Persia and Persian Resistance Chapter 5 Russian Conquest of North Persia, 1915-1917 Chapter 6 British Conquest of South Persia, 1916-1919 Chapter 7 Russian Revolution and Withdrawal from Persia Chapter 8 Prelude to New British Invasions: Some Diplomatic Exchanges Chapter 9 New British Invasions of Persia, 1918 Chapter 10 Jangali Resistance and Defeat Chapter 11 Turkish Incursion into Azerbaijan and the Flight of Christians Chapter 12 Appointment of Second Vossough-ed-Dowleh Cabinet Chapter 13 Losing Both War and Peace: Persian Demands at Versailles Chapter 14 Index Chapter 15 About the Author

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