Cultural studies : from theory to action


Cultural studies : from theory to action

edited by Pepi Leistyna

Blackwell, 2005

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Includes bibliographical references and index



"Cultural Studies: From Theory to Action" is a landmark collection of key works that inspires, provokes, and revitalizes conversations about issues of social and economic justice and the current crisis in democracy. The book brings together work done in key areas of concern to cultural studies, including globalization, class analysis, media and representational politics, racism, sexism, and heterosexism; juxtaposes major theoretical pieces with 'micro-literatures' by activists, artists, and teachers who are striving hard to put theory into practices; highlights consciousness-raising, coalition building, resistance, activism and structural change to chart the ways a critical public can effectively wage war against oppression; and, includes generous lists of suggested readings, lists of activist organizations, web resources, and a list of journals that 'go against the grain'.


Preface: How To Use This Book.Acknowledgments.Introduction: Revitalizing The Dialogue: Theory, Coalition Building, And Social Change: Pepi Leistyna.Part I: The Politics Of Economic Oppression: Anti-Colonialism Meets Globalization:.1. Unity And Changes In The Ideology Of Political Economy: Samir Amin.2. The Postcolonial Aura: Third World Criticism In The Age Of Global Capitalism: Arif Dirlik.3. Time And Class: Zygmunt Bauman.4. Theoretical Therapies, Remote Remedies: Saps And The Political Ecology Of Poverty And Health In Africa: Brooke G. Schoepf, Claude Schoepf & Joyce V. Millen.5. A New Way Of Thinking In Action: The Zapatistas In Mexico -- A Postmodern Guerrilla Movement? Fernanda Navarro.6. Workers' Resistance: Anita Chan.7. Life Against Gold: Ustun Reinart.8. The Campus Anti-Sweatshop Movement: Richard Apelbaum & Peter Dreier.9. The NGO-Ization Of Grassroots Politics: Sangeeta Kamat.Part II: Representational Politics: Making Up Your Own Mind By Minding The Popular Media:.10. Global Media, Neoliberalism, And Imperialism: Robert Mcchesney.11. Theoretical Orthodoxies: Textualism, Constructivism And The 'New Ethnography' In Cultural Studies: David Morley.12. Disney, Southern Baptists, & Children's Culture: The Magic Kingdom As Sodom And Gomorrah? Henry Giroux.13. Seeing Ourselves, Being Ourselves: Broadcasting Aboriginal Television In Canada: Jennifer David.14. Zines: Stephen Duncombe.15. The Ho'okele Netwarriors In The Liquid Continent: Kekula P. Bray-Crawford.16. Internet Subcultures And Political Activism: Richard Kahn & Douglas Kellner.17. Staring Back: Self-Representations Of Disabled Performance Artists: Rosemarie Garland Thomson.18. Noise From Underground: Punk Rock's Anarchic Rhythms Spur A New Generation To Political Activism: Johnny Temple.Part III: Identity And Ethnicity In The Face Of Discrimination And Racism:.19. Rethinking Recognition: Nancy Fraser.20. The Roots Of International Racism: Fidel Castro.21. Invention, Memory, And Place: Edward Said.22. White Ethnic Unconsciousness: Pepi Leistyna.23. Racial Justice In A Multi-Ethnic Society: Bhikhu Parekh.24. Where Was The Color In Seattle? Looking For Reasons Why The Great Battle Was So White: Elizabeth 'Betita' Martinez.25. Sharing The Story Of The Movement: The Project Hip-Hop Experience: Nancy Murray.26. World Conference Against Racism: Prospects And Challenges: A.S. Narang.Part IV: Gendered Identities In The Realm Of Patriarchy:.27. Women Workers And Capitalist Scripts: Ideologies Of Domination, Common Interests, And The Politics Of Solidarity: Chandra Talpade Mohanty.28. Radicalizing Feminism From The 'Movement Era' On: Joy James.29. Mana Wahine Theory: Creating Space For Maori Women's Theories: Leonie Pihama.30. Afghan Women's Long Struggle: Women Working For Freedom: Tahmeena Faryal.31. Minjung Feminism: Korean Women's Movement For Gender And Class Liberation: Miriam Ching Yoon Louie.32. Reconstructing Masculinity In The Locker Room: The Mentors In Violence Prevention Project: Jackson Katz.Part V: Heterosexism And Homophobia: Critical Interventions:.33. The Globalization Of Sexual Identities: Dennis Altman.34. Black Lesbians: Passing, Stereotypes And Transformation: Jewelle Gomez.35. Trashing The Clinic And Burning Down The Beauty Parlor: Activism Transmutes Pitiable Patients Into Feisty Gender Radicals: Pat Califia.36. At A Turning Point: Organized Labor, Sexual Diversity, And The New South Africa: Mazibuko K. Jara, Naomi Webster, And Gerald Hunt.37. Gay Teens Fight Back: A New Generation Of Gay Youth Won't Tolerate Harassment In Their Schools: Doug Ireland.Part VI: Getting Informed, Getting Involved: Places To Turn To.38. Who Needs Cultural Research?: Ien Ang.List Of Activist Organizations And Web Resources.A List Of Journals That Go Against The Grain.Suggested Reading.Index

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