Mastering technical sales : the sales engineer's handbook


    • Care, John, B. Sc
    • Bohlig, Aron


Mastering technical sales : the sales engineer's handbook

John Care, Aron Bohlig

(The Artech House technology management and professional development library / Bruce Elbert, series editor)

Artech House, c2002

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Includes index



This volume aims to cover all of the key areas of selling high-technology products, including detailed action plans to establish personal excellence in key-performance drivers in technical sales. This book teaches professionals how to be more successful as individual contributors, helping to better ensure promotion within their sales organization, or advancement elsewhere within their company. The book offers the practical guidance needed to sharpen skills in sales and technology, and explains how to build an infrastructure to support continuous high sales growth. This book is aimed at: technical marketing, product and sales managers; directors and technical sales staff; sales-support personnel; training managers; and technical consultants.


Introduction. Master the Basics - The Sales Process. An overview of Sales Process. Lead Qualification. The RFP Process. Needs Analysis and Discovery. Successful Customer Engagement. The Perfect Pitch. The Dash to Demo. Evaluation Strategies. Contract Negotiation and Pricing. Sanity After the Sale. Getting Started. Differentiating Yourself Through Tactical Excellence. Objection Handling. The Executive Connection. The "U" in Technical Sales. Selling with Partners. Competitive Tactics. Crossing Over to the Dark side. Advanced Topics and Management Issues. Organizational Structure. Compensation. Building the Infrastructure. Hiring Winners. Time Management for SE's. Conclusion & Epilogue.

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