Reproductive biology and phylogeny of Urodela


    • Sever, David M.


Reproductive biology and phylogeny of Urodela

volume edited by David M. Sever

(Reproductive biology and phylogeny / series edited by Barrie G.M. Jamieson, v. 1)

Enfield Association for Education, c2003

  • v.1

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This volume contains original contributions from an international group of authors with the highest reputations in their respective areas of phylogenetic and reproductive studies on salamanders and newts. A full panoply of topics is covered, from morphology of gametes and reproductive systems to considerations of behavior and life history, all placed in a phylogenetic context. The chapters not only synthesize past literature but also present new observations and indicate directions for future research. This is an essential text for anyone interested in the biology of urodele amphibians.


  • Salamander Classification and Reproductive Biology: An Historical Overview: Kraig Adler
  • Phylogenetic Systematics of Salamanders (Amphibia, Urodela), A Review: Allan Larson, David W. Weisrock and Kenneth H. Kozak
  • Genetics and Systematics of Hybrid Species: James P. Bogart
  • The Ovary and Oogenesis: Mari Carmen Uribe Aranz bal
  • Oviduct and Egg-Jelly: Hartmut Greven
  • The Testes, Spermatogenesis and Male Reproductive Ducts: Mari Carmen Uribe Aranz bal
  • The Mature Spermatozoon: David M. Scheltinga and Barrie G.M. Jamieson
  • Endocrinology of Reproduction: Sakae Kikuyama, Shigeyasu Tanaka and Frank Moore
  • Courtship and Mating Glands: David M. Sever
  • Courtship and Mating Behavior: Lynne D. Houck and Stevan J. Arnold
  • Sperm Activation: Akihiko Watanabe and Kazuo Onitake
  • Larviparity and Pueriparity: Hartmut Greven
  • Life Histories: Richard C. Bruce
  • Parental Care: Ronald A. Nussbaum

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