Corporate entrepreneurship : building an entrepreneurial organisation


Corporate entrepreneurship : building an entrepreneurial organisation

Paul Burns

Palgrave Macmillan, 2005

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Anti economics is described as the opposition to the main stream of economic thought that has existed from the Eighteenth century to the present day. This book tells the story of anti economics in relations to Smith, Ricardo, Mill, Walras, Keynes and Hicks as well as current economic thinkers. William Coleman examines how anti economics developed from the Enlightenment to the present day and analyzes its various guises. Right anti economics, Left anti economics, Nationalist and Historicist anti economics and Irrationalist, Moralist, Aesthetic and Environmental anti economics. Winner of a Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2004


Preface - SECTION ONE: THE ENTREPRENEURIAL DNA - The Entrepreneurial Revolution - Entrepreneur Super-hero - Entrepreneurial Spiderman - Entrepreneurial Architecture - SECTION TWO: LEADING AND MANAGING THE ENTREPRENEURIAL ORGANISATION - Entrepreneurial Leadership - Creating the Entrepreneurial Culture - Building the Entrepreneurial Organisation - Managing the Entrepreneurial Organisation - SECTION THREE: STRATEGIES FOR THE ENTREPRENEURIAL ORGANISATION - Entrepreneurial Strategies - Life-cycle and Portfolio Strategies - Developing Strategies for Growth - SECTION FOUR: ENCOURAGING CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION - Entrepreneurial Innovation - Encouraging Creativity - Encouraging Marketing and Product Innovation - Epilogue - Corporate Entrepreneurship Audit - Learning Resources - Index

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