Corporate entrepreneurship : building an entrepreneurial organisation


Corporate entrepreneurship : building an entrepreneurial organisation

Paul Burns

Palgrave Macmillan, 2005

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Continual change, rapid technological development and economic uncertainty are terms we are familiar with in today's business environment. Existing organizations need to adapt quickly to avoid being overtaken by new rapid growth ventures. The secret to sustainable competitive advantage for large organizations is not simply lowering costs or restructuring for efficiency. Companies need to be adaptable, speedy, creative, innovative and opportunistic. Today's managers need to act in an entrepreneurial manner, and this text gives them the tools to do so.


Preface - SECTION ONE: THE ENTREPRENEURIAL DNA - The Entrepreneurial Revolution - Entrepreneur Super-hero - Entrepreneurial Spiderman - Entrepreneurial Architecture - SECTION TWO: LEADING AND MANAGING THE ENTREPRENEURIAL ORGANISATION - Entrepreneurial Leadership - Creating the Entrepreneurial Culture - Building the Entrepreneurial Organisation - Managing the Entrepreneurial Organisation - SECTION THREE: STRATEGIES FOR THE ENTREPRENEURIAL ORGANISATION - Entrepreneurial Strategies - Life-cycle and Portfolio Strategies - Developing Strategies for Growth - SECTION FOUR: ENCOURAGING CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION - Entrepreneurial Innovation - Encouraging Creativity - Encouraging Marketing and Product Innovation - Epilogue - Corporate Entrepreneurship Audit - Learning Resources - Index

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