Arafat : the biography


Arafat : the biography

Andrew Gowers and Tony Walker

Virgin Books, 1994

Rev. and updated ed

  • : pbk


Behind the myth : Yasser Arafat

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Originally published in Great Britain: W.H. Allen, 1990, under the title: Behind the myth : Yesser Arafat

Bibliography: p. 561-569

Includes index



Based on hundreds of frank interviews, many with senior PLO officials including Arafat himself, this is a penetrating examination of the Palestinian leader. It is also an inside portrait of the PLO itself. The book also examines Arafat's transition from terrorist to peace-maker, culminating in his appearance on the White House lawn in the company of President Bill Clinton and Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. It covers the months of secret PLO meetings with Israeli officials that led to the breakthrough, and explores the increasing financial difficulties facing the PLO after the 1991 Gulf War, which prompted Arafat to seek negotiations with his enemies.

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