Radio network planning and optimisation for UMTS


    • Laiho, Jaana
    • Wacker, Achim
    • Novosad, Tomáš


Radio network planning and optimisation for UMTS

edited by Jaana Laiho, Achim Wacker, Tomáš Novosad

J. Wiley, c2002

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Includes bibliographical references and index



"Radio Network Planning and Optimisation for UMTS" comprehensively explains how to dimension, plan and optimise UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) networks. It introduces the properties of the spread spectrum system and provides a general overview of the physical layer of UTRA FDD. The radio network planning process for WCDMA is clearly presented and detailed information on how to dimension, plan and rollout a 3G network, both theoretically and practically is provided. This valuable text examines current and future radio network management issues and their impact on network performance as well as the relevant capacity and coverage enhancement methods. The book includes automation examples of radio resource management and focuses on UTRA FDD and introduces UTRA TDD, GPRS and EDGE, and examines their interaction and synergy. It provides an excellent source of information for those considering future cellular networks where Quality of Service (QoS) is of paramount importance. It analyses the radio network planning challenges and opportunities for both greenfield and existing operators. This book also includes an accompanying CD-ROM featuring a static radio network simulator implemented in MATLAB(R). Authoritative and instructive, this text will have instant appeal to wireless operators and network and terminal manufacturers. It will also be essential reading for university students, frequency regulation bodies and everyone interested in radio network planning and optimisation, especially RF network systems engineering professionals.


Preface. Acknowledgements. Abbreviations. Introduction (Jaana Laiho, Achim Wacker, Tomas Novosad, Peter Muszynski, Wolfgang Steffens). Introduction to WCDMA for UMTS (Tomas Novosad, David Soldani, Kari Sipila, Tero Kola). WCDMA Radio Network Planning (Achim Wacker, Jaana Laiho, Kimmo Terava). Radio Resource Utilisation (Achim Wacker, Jaana Laiho, Tomas Novosad, David Soldani, Tero Kola, Ted Buot). WCDMAGSM Co--Planning Issues (Kari Heiska, Tomas Novosad, Pauli Aikio, Josef Fuhl). Cell Deployment (Terhi Rautiainen, Achim Wacker, Jaana Laiho). Coverage and Capacity Enhancement Methods (Chris Johnson, Juha Ylitalo, Achim Wacker). Radio Network Optimisation Process (Jaana Laiho, Anneli Korteniemi, Markus Djupsund, Mikko Toivonen, Jochen Grandell). UMTS Qualty of Service (Zhi--Chun Honkasalo, Outi Hiironniemi, Kati Ahvonen, Jaana Laiho). RAN Autotuning and Advanced Monitoring Methods (Jaana Laiho, Albert Hoglund, Ted Buot). Other 3G Radio Access Technologies (Jussi Reuanen, Simon Browne, Pauliina Eratuuli, Ann--Louise Johansson, Martin Kristensson, Mats Larsson, Tomas Novosad, Jussi Sipola). Index.

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