The perversion of loss : psychoanalytic perspectives on trauma


    • Levy, Susan
    • Lemma, Alessandra


The perversion of loss : psychoanalytic perspectives on trauma

edited by Susan Levy and Alessandra Lemma

(Whurr series in psychoanalysis)

Whurr, 2004

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 163-167) and index



This book is an edited collection of psychoanalytic papers written by clinicians in the field of trauma. The text offers a psychoanalytic perspective on trauma and its effects on psychic functioning. In particular, it draws on attachment theory to explain how trauma undermines psychic resilience both within individuals and also within broader communities and societies. This collection contextualises external traumatic events and addresses both individual, internal responses as well as the impact of trauma on broader social relations.


The Psychic Impact of Trauma on Attachment Relationships. The breakdown of Symbolic Functioning in Response to Major Trauma. The Impact of trauma on Benign Memory. The Breakdown of Narrative Functioning as a Traumatic response. The Law of The Talion, Revenge and Forgiveness in Response to Trauma. Rape as a Symbolic Attack on The Mother's Body. Themes on Sexual Violence in South Africa. Trauma on The World Stage. Reflections on Conflict in Palestine and Israel. Trauma. A Perversion of Loss. Nowhere to run to. The Impact of trauma on Countertransference Responses. Survival. The Place of Psychotherapy in our Responses to Trauma.

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