Immigration and insecurity in France


Immigration and insecurity in France

Jane Freedman

(Critical security series)

Ashgate, c2004

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [161]-169) and index



The importance of the immigration issue in French politics has been highlighted by the success of Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the extreme-right Front National party, in reaching the second round of the presidential elections. This absorbing book closely examines the debate over immigration in contemporary France, looking not only at the development of immigration and nationality policies, but also at the changing discourse on the integration of immigrants. It analyzes the continuing racialization of discourse on immigration and anti-Islamic sentiment arising from the 'Islamic headscarf affair'. The work addresses issues such as the gendered nature of immigration and pays particular attention to the experiences of women immigrants in France. This careful analysis is then placed within the context of developments in the EU towards creating a unified immigration and asylum policy.


  • Contents: Introduction
  • Conceptions of immigration and citizenship
  • The development of immigration policy in a European context
  • Refugee and asylum policy: heading for a crisis?
  • The Sans-Papiers movement: mobilization through illegality
  • Immigrants' rights: the changing boundaries of citizenship
  • Women immigrants and asylum seekers: facing a double burden of insecurity
  • The Affaire des Foulards: Islam, integration and secularism
  • Racism and discrimination: a failure of anti-racism in France?
  • Bibliography
  • Index.

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