Second thoughts : seeing conventional wisdom through the sociological eye


Second thoughts : seeing conventional wisdom through the sociological eye

Janet M. Ruane, Karen A. Cerulo

Pine Forge Press, c2004

3rd ed.

  • : pbk.

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 239-287) and index

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  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Culture
  • Social structure
  • Culture meets social structure
  • Socialization and identity
  • Stratification
  • Deviance, crime, and social control
  • Social institutions : marriage and family
  • Social institutions : the economy
  • Social institutions : media and technology
  • Social institutions : education



A perfect supplement to a traditional text or reader, this paperback creatively demonstrates the centrality of sociological thinking and social research for doubting students. Twenty mini-chapters, along with an introduction and conclusion, examine popular conceptions on important social subjects, accepted by many in society as "conventional wisdom." In each chapter the authors attemt to provides a sociological take on popularly held views.


Preface INTRODUCTION Part I METHODS Essay 1 Numbers Don't Lie CULTURE Essay 2 Winning Is Everything Essay 3 Children Are Our Most Precious Commodity SOCIAL STRUCTURE Essay 4 Love Knows No Reason Essay 5 Stress Is Bad for Your Well-being Essay 6 The "Golden Years" Are Tarnished Years CULTURE MEETS SOCIAL STRUCTURE Essay 7 Americans Are Becoming More and More Individualistic SOCIALIZATION AND IDENTITY Essay 8 What's in a Name? That Which We Call a Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet Essay 9 Beauty Is Only Skin Deep STRATIFICATION Essay 10 The More We Pay, the More It's Worth Essay 11 Money Is the Root of All Evil Essay 12 You've Come a Long Way, Baby Essay 13 America Is the Land of Equal Opportunity DEVIANCE, CRIME, AND SOCIAL CONTROL Essay 14 Violence Is on the Rise in the United States-No One Is Safe Essay 15 There Ought to Be a Law Essay 16 Honesty Is the Best Policy SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS: MARRIAGE AND FAMILY Essay 17 The Nuclear Family Is the Backbone of American Society Essay 18 Marriage Is a Failing Institution SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS: THE ECONOMY Essay 19 Welfare Is Ruining This Country Essay 20 Immigrants Are Ruining This Nation SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS: MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY Essay 21 Technology Is Taking Over Our Lives SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS : EDUCATION Essay 22 Education Is the Great Equalizer Why Do Conventional Wisdoms Persist? References Glossary/Index

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