Euro-Mediterranean security : a search for partnership


    • Biscop, Sven


Euro-Mediterranean security : a search for partnership

Sven Biscop

(The international political economy of new regionalisms series)

Ashgate, c2003

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [127]-156) and index



This work provides a clearer understanding of the EU's approach towards security in the Mediterranean. After examining the EU's interests and the potential threats to security in the region, it analyzes EU security policy towards the region as a whole, through the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, and towards all disputes and conflicts in the area. It recommends opening up the European Security and Defence Policy to Mediterranean participation, in order to establish a deep and equitable security partnership between both shores. The book argues that this way the EU could implement its innovative comprehensive and co-operative approach to security. Rather than focusing on the military aspect alone, this approach takes into account all dimensions of security (political, socio-economic, cultural and ecological) and is based on partnership rather than confrontation. It therefore contrasts quite sharply with the policies advocated in the US National Security Strategy.


  • EU interests and Mediterranean security
  • The Euro-Mediterranean partnership
  • EU policy and conflict in the Mediterranean
  • Building a Euro-Mediterranean security partnership
  • From common interests to joint actions.

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