Medieval fabrications : dress, textiles, clothwork, and other cultural imaginings


Medieval fabrications : dress, textiles, clothwork, and other cultural imaginings

edited by E. Jane Burns

(The new Middle Ages)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2004

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Includes works cited (p. [252]-272) and index



The varied cultural functions of dress, textiles, and clothwork are used in this collection of essays to examine long-standing assumptions about the Middle Ages. At one end of the spectrum, questions of dress call up feminist theoretical investigations into the body and subjectivity, while broadening those inquiries to include theories of masculinity and queer identity as well. At the other extreme, the production and distribution of textiles carries us into the domain of economic history and the study of material commodities, trade and cultural patterns of exchange within western Europe and between east and west. Contributors to this volume represent a broad array of disciplines currently involved in rethinking medieval culture in terms of the material world.


  • Introduction: Why Textiles Make a Difference
  • E.J.Burns Text and Textile: Lydgate's Tapestry Poems
  • C.Sponsler Tristan Slippers: An Image of Adultery or a Symbol of Marriage?
  • K.Starkey Dressing and Undressing the Clergy: Rites of Ordination and Degradation
  • D.Elliott Uncovering Griselda: Christine de Pizan, 'une seule chemise' and the Clerical Tradition' R.L.Krueger 'This Skill in a Woman is By No Means to be Despised': Weaving and the Gender Division of Labor in the Middle Ages
  • R.Mazo Karras Tucks and Darts: Adjusting Patterns for Stained Glass Windows Around 1200
  • , M.H.Caviness Sumptuary Legislation in Thirteenth-Century France, Languedoc and Italy: Limiting Yardage and Change of Clothes
  • S.Heller Material and Symbolic Gift Giving: Clothes in English and French Wills
  • K.Ashley Cloth From the Promised Land: Appropriated Islamic Tiraz in Twelfth-Century French Sculpture
  • J.Snyder Almeria Silk and the French Feudal Imaginary: Towards a 'Material' History of the Medieval Mediterranean
  • S.Kinoshita 'How Philosophy Matters: Sex, Death, Clothes, and Boethius', A.Denny-Brown Flayed Skin as an Object: Representation and Materiality in Guillaume de Deguileville's Pelerinage de la Vie Humaine
  • S.Kay

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