Power quality


    • Sankaran, C.


Power quality

C. Sankaran

(Electric power engineering series)

CRC Press, c2002

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Frequency disturbances, transients, grounding, interference...the issues related to power quality are many, and solutions to power quality problems can be complex. However, by combining theory and practice to develop a qualitative analysis of power quality, the issues become relatively straightforward, and one can begin to find solutions to power quality problems confronted in the real world. Power Quality builds the foundation designers, engineers, and technicians need to survive in the current power system environment. It treats power system theory and power quality principles as interdependent entities, and balances these with a wealth of practical examples and data drawn from the author's 30 years of experience in the design, testing, and trouble-shooting of power systems. It compares different power quality measurement instruments and details ways to correctly interpret power quality data. It also presents alternative solutions to power quality problems and compares them for feasibility and economic viability. Power quality problems can have serious consequences, from loss of productivity to loss of life, but they can be easily prevented. You simply need a good understanding of electrical power quality and its impact on the performance of power systems. By changing the domain of power quality from one of theory to one of practice, this book imparts that understanding and will develop your ability to effectively measure, test, and resolve power quality problems.


INTRODUCTION TO POWER QUALITY Definition of Power Quality Power Quality Progression Power Quality Terminology Power Quality Issues Susceptibility Criteria Responsibilities of Power Suppliers and Users Power Quality Standards POWER FREQUENCY DISTURBANCE Introduction to Power Frequency Disturbance Common Power Frequency Disturbances Cures for Low Frequency Disturbances Voltage Tolerance Criteria - ITIC Graph Conclusions ELECTRICAL TRANSIENTS Introduction to Transients Transient System Model Examples of Transient Models and Their Response Power System Transient Modeling Types and Causes of Transients Examples of Transient Waveforms Conclusions HARMONICS Definition of Harmonics Harmonic Number (h) Odd and Even Order Harmonics Harmonic Phase Rotation and Phase Angle Voltage and Current Harmonics Individual and Total Harmonic Distortion Harmonic Signatures Effect of Harmonics On Power System Devices Guidelines For Harmonic Voltage and Current Limitation Harmonic Current Mitigation Conclusions GROUNDING AND BONDING Introduction to Grounding and Bonding Shock and Fire Hazards NEC Grounding Requirements Essentials of a Grounded System Ground Electrodes Earth Resistance Tests Earth Ground Grid Systems Power Ground System Signal Reference Ground SRG Methods Single and Multipoint Grounding Ground Loops Electrochemical Reaction Examples of Grounding Anomalies Conclusions. POWER FACTOR Introduction Active and Reactive Power Displacement and True Power Factor Power Factor Improvement Power Factor Correction Power Factor Penalty Advantages of Power Factor Correction Voltage Rise Due to Capacitance Synchronous Condensers Static Var Compensators Conclusions ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE Introduction to EMI Frequency Classification Electrical Fields Magnetic Fields EMI Terminology Power Frequency Fields High Frequency Interference EMI Susceptibility EMI Mitigation Cable Shielding Health Concerns of EMI Conclusions STATIC ELECTRICITY Introduction to Static Electricity Tribo Electricity Static Voltage Build UP Criteria Static Model Static Control Static Control Floors Humidity Control Ion Compensation Static Preventive Casters Static Floor Requirements Static Voltage Measurements Discharge of Static Potentials MEASURING AND SOLVING POWER QUALITY PROBLEMS Introduction to Power Quality Measurements Power Quality Measurement Devices Power Quality Measurements Test Locations Test Duration Instrument Setup Instrument Guidelines Conclusions

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