The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of psychosomatic medicine


    • Levenson, James L.
    • American Psychiatric Publishing


The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of psychosomatic medicine

edited by James L. Levenson

American Psychiatric Pub., c2005

1st ed


Textbook of psychosomatic medicine

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Psychosomatic MedicineAthe newest psychiatric subspecialty formally approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical EducationArepresents a scientific and clinical discipline that exists at the interface of psychiatry and medicine. This scholarly and comprehensive new textbook represents the cutting edge in this burgeoning field and is destined to become the premier textbook to educate trainees and add to the knowledge base of clinicians. This definitive work covers the all major topics in psychosomatic medicine, including -General Principles in Evaluation and ManagementAPresents a detailed approach to psychiatric assessment and consultation, essential to comprehensive care in the medical setting; psychological and neuropsychological assessment; legal and ethical issues that arise in psychiatric care of the medically ill; and a review of psychological, emotional, and behavioral responses to illness. -Symptoms and DisordersAIncludes epidemiology, clinical features, diagnosis and assessment, etiology, differential diagnosis, and treatment of more than 17 psychiatric disorders and conditions in the medically ill, as well as their effects on medical disorders. -Specialties and SubspecialtiesAEncyclopedically reviews psychiatric disorders in the context of specific medical diseases, organized by specialty and subspecialty, including the subspecialties of internal medicine, surgery, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, physical medicine, and dermatology. -TreatmentADiscusses treatment and management of psychiatric disorders in the medically ill, including psychopharmacology, psychosocial treatments, electroconvulsive therapy, and palliative care. Meticulously researched, clearly written, and designed for ease of use, this comprehensive and scholarly textbook brings together the body of knowledge and skills that defines the subspecialty of psychosomatic medicine. Presenting the work of nearly 100 contributors, most of whom are nationally and internationally recognized experts, this textbook combines the latest research with extensive coverage of psychopharmacology and psychotherapy in medically ill patients. Clinicians who evaluate and treat medically ill patients with psychiatric disorders will turn to this highly practical textbook time and time again. It is the ideal primary resource for consultation-liaison psychiatrists and trainees, psychosomatic medicine fellows, psychiatric residents, general psychiatrists caring for patients with medical illnesses, physicians with interests in psychiatric illness in their patients, and health psychologists.


Contributors. Foreword. Introduction. Part I: General Principles in Evaluation and Management. Psychiatric assessment and consultation. Neuropsychological and psychological evaluation. Legal issues. Ethical issues. Psychological responses to illness. Part II: Symptoms and Disorders. Delirium. Dementia. Aggression and violence. Depression. Suicidality. Mania, catatonia, and psychosis. Anxiety disorders. Somatization and somatoform disorders. Deception syndromes: factitious disorders and malingering. Eating disorders. Sleep disorders. Sexual disorders. Substance-related disorders. Part III: Specialties and Subspecialties. Heart disease. Lung disease. Gastrointestinal disorders. Renal disease. Endocrine and metabolic disorders. Oncology. Rheumatology. Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia syndromes. Infectious diseases. HIV/AIDS. Dermatology. Surgery. Organ transplantation. Neurology and neurosurgery. Obstetrics and gynecology. Pediatrics. Physical medicine and rehabilitation. Pain. Part IV: Treatment. Psychopharmacology. Psychosocial treatments. Electroconvulsive therapy. Palliative care. Index.

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