Beginning behavioral research : a conceptual primer


Beginning behavioral research : a conceptual primer

Ralph L. Rosnow, Robert Rosenthal

Pearson/Prentice Hall, c2005

5th ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 441-461) and indexes



For undergraduate introductory courses in Research Methods. This successful introduction to behavioral research methods-written by two leaders in the field-provides step-by-step guidance through the processes of planning an empirical study, analyzing and interpreting data, and reporting findings and conclusions. It encourages students to be analytical and critical, not only in interpreting research findings, but also in investigating what is behind the claims and conclusions in news reports of scientific results.


I. GETTING STARTED. 1. Behavioral Research and Scientific Method. 2. Creative Ideas and Working Hypotheses. 3. Ethical Considerations and Guidelines. II. OBSERVATION AND MEASUREMENT. 4. Strategies of Systematic Observational Research. 5. Methods for Looking Within Ourselves. 6. Reliability and Validity in Measurement and Research. III. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION. 7. Randomized Experiments and Causal Inference. 8. Categories of Nonrandomized Research. 9. Survey Designs and Subject Recruitment. IV. DESCRIBING DATA AND MAKING INFERENCES. 10. Summarizing the Data. 11. Quantifying and Interpreting Relationships Among Variables. 12. Statistical Significance, Effect Size, and Power Analysis. V. STATISTICAL TESTS. 13. The Comparison of Two Conditions. 14. Comparisons on More Than Two Conditions. 15. The Analysis of Frequency Tables. Appendix A: Communicating Your Research Findings. Appendix B: Statistical Tables. Appendix C: An Introduction to Meta-Analysis. Glossary. References. Name Index. Subject Index.

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